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I am a guy of 24 years of age, has a nice stature and good looking but i don't really feel love, though i have been with different girls who really care about me and has shown me true love but due to my attitude they always break up with me because i dont really feel anything for anybody.

Please i need an advice on what i can do to love back those that really care about me. (FEMI).

You can help this guy with your advice by droping your comment here.. …


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From time being it has been noted that it is only with confidence that you can overcome any challenges.

so always try as much as possible to be in charge of what ever you into or doing presently because when you are in charge you will have full confidence to say your mind so as to make possible your thought and be heard by others.

Never accept nothing less than the pursuit of excellence because you are more than a conqueror and superiority has been deposited in…


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I am a young guy of 18 years of age but am addicted to masturbation.

Pls I need your advice on what i can do to stop this act. (Anonymous).

Pls kindly drop your comment hereTRUEWORDS on what this young guy can do to stop this act... I hope to hear from you.


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Life has it unique way of showcasing the talent in you, only if and only if you succumb yourself to it unique manner by planning.


Planning is the fundamental aspect of every human endeavoure which has constitute the integral part of human thinking.


Human being has the capacity to think, plan, work towards your plan and achieve your set goal. These has being the greatest gift to us by GOD Almighty. But still, we fail. WHY?


Now is the…


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