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How to Get a Baby Girl or Boy Naturally and Accurately

You can try having intercourse 24 hours before ovulation as it is during this time the slippery cervical mucus helps the Y sperm reach the egg faster than the X (girl) sperm. You can also have your wife modify her diet by avoiding acidic foods like oranges as the boy sperms prefer a more alkaline environment.

There are many people that would like to have a particular gender of a child, Boy or Girl. Some people have only female Children but would like a male child and…


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Why You Shouldn't Wear Underwear to Bed

There are new health benefits being reported on which underwear you should wear to bed.

Researchers say it’s better going without.

They say letting everything breathe down there can keep bacteria from collecting there and help avoid infection.

“If [the area] is constantly covered – especially by a fabric that’s not moisture-wicking or absorbent – moisture collects, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria or yeast,” says…


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Vitamin D Can Cure Heart Diseases

A growing number of studies point to vitamin D deficiency as a risk factor for heart attacks, congestive heart failure, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), strokes, and the conditions associated with cardiovascular disease, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Vitamin D supplements may help people with diseased hearts, a study suggests.

A trial on 163 heart failure patients found supplements of the vitamin, which is made in the skin when exposed to…


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What If Your Heart Stops?


What a dependable little organ is the human heart! Everyday, including Sundays and Holidays, this little engine keeps on pumping nonstop. And it continues even while we sleep.

The heart never complains about the weather which is very hot now and never asks for a vacation.  It works best when treated well, but continues to serve even when working conditions are stressful.

How much we need the heart! If one eye is blind, we can still see with the other.…


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