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How to change details on Bullguard antivirus that were given for email monitoring services?

If you need to change any details given for the access of Bullguard email monitoring services than for that log in to your BullGuard account using the username and password then for getting an access to your identity protection section enter the passcode and click ‘’submit ‘’ then select the tab through which you can make a change to the details then as you see the delete button next to the edit button click that and then further add the desired information and details. If still, you need any… Continue

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How to switch on Bullguard antivirus real-time protection?

If you are unable to turn on Bullguard real-time protection than for turning it on in order to protect your system from all types of malware, spyware Trojans and viral attacks and other unwanted elements then first and foremost see to it that there is no unwanted element present in the system for that conduct a proper scan of the system and get the elements removed if there are any. After that if the there is no unwanted element or if the scan has got that removed then go for a reboot of the…


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How to check if BullGuard firewall is blocking the internet connection?

Bullguard is an antivirus that is always seen very high at technologies and therefore handling issues related to it has always been tricky for people from a non-technical background. In order to check if a firewall is a culprit for a poor internet connection, open BullGuard interface from the menu click all programs go to settings, turn off the firewall if the internet gets back to normal then it was at fault otherwise it was not for more information or any help visit at…


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