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Personal Mba Course Discover - How to Get Rid of your Cashflow, Career and Business Problems

How to Get Rid of [Your Cashflow, Career and Business Problems]

Are You Sick and Tired Of You Present Condition Career and Business Wise? You Want To Earn More Money And Get Promoted, You Dislike your Current Job And Not Motivated By It, Interested In Starting Your Own Business Someday Or Now And Nobody Is Ready To Help you Or Mentor you Without Defrauding You and you know that what you need is an MBA, But you don’t have the Time, degree,…


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6 Great Business Ideas.

6 Great Business Ideas.
Hello people,
Are you unemployed, underemployed or looking for additional income streams? In this link…

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6 Great Business Ideas.

6 Great Business Ideas.
Hello people,
Are you unemployed, underemployed or looking for additional income streams? In this link…

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Small Business Ideas

It is no longer news that the rate of unemployment has greatly increased in the past one year and there is need for people to resort to business, getting involved in a meaningful business is the only alternative to the rising rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Now when we talk about employment it does not only mean being an employee in an organisation but also getting involved in business either in agriculture, buying and selling, internet business,importation, manufacturing etc. Today we see…


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How you can make money from laptop repairs

You don't have to be a professional repair technician in order to learn how to repair laptop computers. With the right knowledge and tools, you can start to do laptop repairs for yourself or financial gain. This you will learn in the one day, one on one laptop repair training, you will learn:

* How to fix various laptop hardware and software issues with practical examples.

* Step by Step guide on how to create a very powerful and handy multi-purpose Windows PC all-in-one… Continue

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Let’s be honest… We all want to make more money, and have more free time to enjoy it, right? We all want the freedom to be able to spend more time with our friends and family, and do all the things …

Let’s be honest…

We all want to make more money, and have more free time to enjoy it, right?

We all want the freedom to be able to spend more time with our friends and family, and do all the things that we actually enjoy doing, rather than the things we have to do in order to pay the bills.

But life doesn’t work like that, does it?

Well actually, it does – if you want it to.

And this new-found freedom of choice that we’re all…


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Competitive Edge in Business: Lessons From The Eagle.

Every business charges forward on the fuel of competition.

There is no idea that is eternally peerless anymore. In a queer way, it always seems someone has tried or is trying a variant of what you are about to accomplish. Even though your innovation is unique, people are constantly thinking up ways that threaten your supposed monopoly.

You can’t be complacent about this “here and…


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Become an Affiliate

Become an Affiliate for

If you enjoying being on social media like Facebook and Twitter and you love to share and like our fashion clothing you can be part of the team by becoming a …


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Successful Working Mom : FREE E-book for Working Moms & Mompreneurs, Download NOW

Successful Working Mom offers simple practical tips and ideas on how working moms, moms in business and work-from-home moms, (WAHM) can improve their performances and succeed at managing their work, career or business; their homes and families; and their personal lives more effectively and with greater ease.

This e-book also shares ideas on how moms can integrate self care into their very busy schedules, look their best always, and handle their finances…


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How to Make More Money as a Real Estate Agent

It is no longer news that the Nigerian Real Estate Market can be a safe haven for anyone in need of a genuine business venture to start up, what we can still call news is the idea of maximizing our earnings using mediums that are available to most real estate agents, but due to lack of adequate real estate information, most of the real estate agents we have around, have been unable to meet up to the standards of modern trends in the Real Estate Market.


The idea is all about,…


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#1 Profit-pulling Affiliate Program in the World

Dear friend,


Now you can make a lot of profits online from Stiforp Affiliate Program

This is the latest world-wide profit-making Affiliate Business Opportunity for you.

It can even make you become really wealthy with your little investment;

If only You 'Don't despise the Days of your little Beginnings'.


So, give it a Try today…


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People Power and Goal-Oriented Social Networks

People Power and Goal-Oriented Social Networks

The case for as a business rating and review platform

What is goal-oriented social networking?

Amazing things can happen, when a small group of people leverage the power of social media and the internet. As the saying goes – “A tree cannot make a forest, but it can make an oasis.” In this digital age you don’t need a million dollar…


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There will be no gain if you stuck your money in the bank, learn how to invest. A must read!!!

Looking for a reliable source of income

Searching for the right place to invest your money online

Onomez Investment Network is here to grant people an informative insight towards E-trading program.

All that is required is a click and you will be glad to be a partaker.


*Genuine Deals

*Well facilitated Business Prospect

*Realistic ROI

*Deals Both in Foreign and Local…


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Speak like a Pro! Public Speaking and Presentation Training now available in Lekki

Are you employed but wish you could be more competent at WORK. . . ?

Are you a graduate and you're looking for a JOB? Do you think you possess the right set of skills that employers are generally looking for. . . ? Your certificate alone is not enough these days.

Are you into BUSINESS or MARKETING and you wish to raise your game beyond your present level? Are you very good with speaking or presenting before an AUDIENCE? Or do you get nervous, confused, and frightened by… Continue

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Nigeria Internet Marketer and Consultant Prince Ade-Johnson Is about To Lunch His New Mobile Marketing Product

Hello friends.

I'm so excited to inform you that I'm getting ready to lunch my new product which is based on the fastest growing marketing phenomenon, the Mobile marketing.

If you are new to the concept of mobile marketing, then you need to read my introductory article on the subject.

Mobile marketing is becoming more and more popular among business owners and this trend is not going away. Everywhere you turn you see people on their smart phones and…


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#1 New, Award Winning Breakthrough Coming to Nigeria!

#1 New, Award Winning Breakthrough Coming to Nigeria! Featured in leading magazines and recommended by world's top doctors! Free distributorship!

People in Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda earning up to $1,000 USD in a single week or more within their 1st 90 days! Voted one of the top 20 opportunities for 2011 by the experts at Business For Home! Lucrative part/full time opportunity! Get paid weekly!

There is an easier…


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Best ways to advertise your products and services

I sometimes hear people saying "my product is not selling" or "people don't visit my website". Why is it like that - they reason is that you have not discover your market.

To discover your market or audience, there are fwe thing you have to do -

1. Identify your business

2. In what region are you marketing your products online;

3. What medium are you using to market yourself;

4. Find your Network


IDENTIFY your business:Majority of people…


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How You Can Transfer Money from Your ATM Card

Following the introduction of a Cashless Economy By The Central B…


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