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Launch your Small Business/Startup Website for and Turn your Product into a Brand

Businesses around the world fiercely compete with each other to gain the maximum market share. The products and services offered by any company need to tackle the target markets’ requirements so that they can always remain one step ahead of their competitors. But there comes a time when a business just don’t take off as its products are that well known in the market. Turning a product into a brand is what that can make it have a shot at fame.

There can be many ways in which…


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5 Reasons Your MSME Loan Application may be Rejected

When applying for an MSME Loan, you as the business owner have to abide by specific rules and regulations to get your funds sanctioned. Failing to adhere to these requirements can aid in your application getting rejected.

NBFCs in India are a leading provider of loans for MSMEs that have comparatively moderate rules than banks. When you comply with their requirements, you can receive a loan quickly and…


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The Best Method of Using Skype For Business Presentation

Many people are using Skype for fun and video calls only, without knowing that there are several things to do with Skype, the same way you can be able to make money through Facebook, you can also make higher money on your skype, by using it for business promotion and presentation as well. …


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Strong Lost love spells caster Mama Jafali +27731356845 in France Rennes Greater Strasbourg Nantes

I am Mama Jafali the most high of all, the greatest healer and spell caster of all. I may look young but i know what am doing trust me. Whatever your adversity of problem, do not despair. I am here to help you overcome all your problems. I use real magical powers to fight demons and super villains. I have nearly limitless powers to tackle your most pressing problems, be it physical or spiritual. I have skills in Metaphysical healing, psychic skills, divining and foretelling through ancestors…


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What is VAT Returns? How to Calculate It?

A form that you file with HMRC, often four times a year is known as VAT Return. It basically shows how much VAT is due for you to pay them. By not registering with VAT, you won’t be able to file VAT returns.

The VAT return = the amount calculation of VAT due on the sales-the amount of reclaimable VAT on purchases.

Finally, the VAT return you will obtain will then be payable to HMRC.


When does a business…


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Offices: Where our economies are built upon

Our country is a diverse one; it is home to 28 different states each with a different group of people. It is divergent in many ways that other countries are not, whether it is the religion followed or language is spoken. Economically India is very rich, with an annual GDP of 2.65 trillion dollars it is the…


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  "  Techpreneurs should learn to separate business from their technological background   "

Youths are native to ICT and understand its languages much better than other age segments. Interesting enough, they anchor the ICT segment of the economy both in the public and private sector.…


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The COLD ROOM BUSINESS PLAN is a comprehensive COLD ROOM business plan that will assist you with all the needed ideas and plans to start a successful COLD ROOM business. This COLD ROOM business plan will help you get capital loan from a bank or other investors for your new COLD ROOM business.


A COLD ROOM business anywhere in the world is a viable business and can be done on large scale or small scale.

The COLD ROOM business plan…


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Where Can I Get Cheap Loans in Nigeria for My Business?

Do you need loan to start up a business, expand an existing business or do you need loans for some other things? Then your first point of call among others is this Nigeria company. This is a unique platform…


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5 Simple Steps to Small Business Success on the Internet!

For years, the website design market used to fall into three separate entities for website design and development: (i) graphics and animation studios, specializing in custom graphic design and creative animations, (ii) website marketing/promotion firms, (iii) Web programming companies specializing in database-driven website development. Nowadays, however, you get to see a fusion of these three entities in several dynamic Web Development and Promotion companies operating from any part of the…


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4 Insightful Ways to Generate Leads for Your Small Business

Do not think about your product or service for a minute. Although you can pack it in an eye-catching package, and offer it to your customers at an affordable price, that does not really matter to customers.Even if you sell the best product or service, your business will fail if no one is aware that it exists. This means that your business will join the increasing number of start-up businesses that crash and burn within the first 4 to 6 years.…


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How To Run A Business With Little Or No Money

This may sound a bit impossible, but you can actually start a business even with very little or no capital at all. The trick is to first have a viable idea or product, an established profit-making process and your own belief in the idea as well as the zeal to implement it.

Business is really all about developing an idea, deciding on the roadmap to achieving your goals, building a strong team, networking and putting in hard work to make it work. Also, always…


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Project Topics for Student | Download research materials and projects


     (A) project category




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Proven Ways To Grow Your Business In Nigeria

Learning how to grow your business in a country like ours isn’t just a worthy goal; growing your business is often a necessity for your business’ survival and your economic well-being.

What can you do to get your business beyond the bare sustenance level? What can you do to turn it into the income-generating powerhouse you envision? Try one or more of these growth strategies that are particularly effective for the Nigerian business terrain. All have been…


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Top Reasons Why It Is Essential To Have White Hat SEO Services

In the recent years, almost all the business enterprises are hugely dependent on effective Internet marketing strategies. The best way to receive the attention of online clients is by providing new services like, search engine marketing. However, with rising competition and changing search engine rules & algorithms, SEO nowadays calls for higher expertise. Furthermore, SEO firms have devised a number of newer methods to receive more income through the white hat SEO. When it comes to…


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Web Marketing Analytics for Blogs – Streamline Your SEO Process

SEO has become a growing need not just for the small-medium web based organization, but for all, including different other organizations. SEO creates brand value which is bull’s eye for the business owners as once your business is established as a brand, you can experience automatic growth of your business. However, as the process sounds, it is not easy at all – SEO is vast and totally complicated. Plenty of methodologies are there and they are needed to be constructed precisely. Otherwise,…


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A Comprehensive Guide to Debt Consolidation

The good thing about business is that there is always room for negotiations. The only thing you need to know is when who, and how to table your discount request. One of the many times that many people and businesses find the need to negotiate is when they are lagging behind in the payment of debt.…


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Enhancing the online presence through search engine optimization using Instagram

Is there any sign of social media in improving the search engine optimization?  For many, the question may appear to be somewhat vague. The famous phrase ‘the content is king' may make the people believe the content is everything when it comes to online marketing. However, you wonder to see the…


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An Entrepreneur's Guide to Building and Running a Mobile App Business

Building a mobile app for the first time is undoubtedly a daunting task. People who are embarking on this journey definitely have a zillion of questions in their minds. Whenever a client comes to us and presents us the requirement of creating a mobile app to materialize his unique idea in form of an app, they ask us questions, and a lot of them. Here are the most common ones to help novice app owners in their… Continue

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How to get things done as an entepreneur

As entrepreneurs, we always have some tasks to do everyday. But getting them done, is the tough part.

We come up with excuses like – ”I am way too busy” or find some other reasons to procrastinate, reasons that we make for ourselves.

When you ask ” What are you so busy? ” you get a ”to-do” list recitation. But nothing on the list is actually getting done. And whatever is getting done is not important and will not help their business to thrive. We don’t do the most important…


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