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''YES I STOLE THE MONEY'' (By James Onanefe Ibori)

''YES I STOLE THE MONEY'' (By James Onanefe Ibori)

Yes I stole the money!

But I've already asked God for forgiveness, and that's the most important thing.

I know you'll also find space in your heart to also forgive me.

Yes I stole the money!

I know they've already exposed billions of naira, in cash and property;

But that is still a tip of the iceberg!

And so…


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Boko Haram Menace...

There is nothing faceless or mysterious about Boko Haram because  organized crime in any society cannot thrive and blossom without the  knowledge,support,finance,prodding of the elite and community.

This cancerous menace is a well rehearsed and orchestrated script   by some greedy & blood thirsty elite from the "Axis of Evil" to gain greater access to the Nation's treasury.  

But when the chips are finally down,those who create horror for whatever motives will…


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Break Up Nigeria


Break up Nigeria and get it over with! The colonial masters put the country together. They have been gone since 1960 yet instead of reverting back to the old countries and stay UNITED as a Commonwealth of Nations like the USA; the Hausas became the new colonial Masters!


The North should have invested in oil exploration in the north. They do not have oil in every state in the USA, yet they have managed to grow…


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"He that observeth the wind shall not sow, and he that regardeth the cloud shall not reap" Ecc11:4 KJV.

The act or habit of delaying or putting off to a future date is procrastination. It is very bad enemy of progress. Statistics has shown that 90% of failures come from making habitual excuses. Whatever you have to do today, do it. Do not say until tomorrow. Time waits for no one. Remember, your today's decisions are your tomorrow's realities. Your today's accomplishment will… Continue

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Since the death of the Ikemba Nnewi Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in a London hospital, tributes and words of praise has been poured on the former Biafran leader that it will be hard for anyone to make any comment without repeating what somebody else has said about him. Ojukwu's death brought all Nigerians to agree on one thing, Ikemba Nnewi was the man who saw tomorrow. The climax was attained when those who fought against him some 45 years ago recognised the fact that the Ikemba Nnewi did…


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Ibori - Divine Retribution And Punishment For Hubris

When the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti released the song, VIP – Vagabond In Power in the late 70’s, Nigerians paid little heed to the lyrics, but danced their feet out to this politically-laced music. By the time they realised that Fela was something of a prophet, it was rather too late for them to arrest situations whereby their rulers were in fact vagabonds, thieves, looters and convicted felons. That is not to mention political prostitutes and opportunists whose main intent into going into…


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Ojukwu:The Rebel?

Dim Chukwu Emeka Ojukwu stood & fought for equity,Justice and fairness for a better society where no one is left behind.Born with silver spoon,well groomed,educated and far ahead of his peers,he saw the looming scourge and danger of barbaric,corrupt,uncivilized,illetrate,feudal & blood thirsty elite controlling the levers of power and he challenged the manipulative and unjust system,thus Making him an embodiment of morality...A rare gem in his time and even now!

But the tragedy…


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MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: Boko Haram invades Islamic schools – FG

It's a tragedy from inferno of hell when children are groom &  train to hate with killer instincts and a nation cannot progress in any sphere of human endevour when the citedal of human capital development is a cesspit of criminality for irrational religious ideology.

Now i can understand far better when Engr.Faruk AbdulMuttalab (U.S-

underwear bomber ) said the Mujadeen are ready to kill in the name of Allah...It is serious and eternal threat to…


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The Ex-Governor James Ibori Case Reveals a Structural Weakness in the State System of Governmental Checks and Balances in Nigeria.

According to a BBC Africa News report, James Ibori, a former governor of one of Nigeria's oil-producing states, has pleaded guilty in a UK court to 10 counts of money-laundering and conspiracy to defraud. The British police accuse him of stealing $250m (£160m) over eight years.…


Added by Dr. Tom Okure on February 29, 2012 at 1:26am — 2 Comments

President Goodluck Jonathan may be sacked by Nigerians before his tenure ends


By David A. Akintimoye


The handwriting is on the wall. President Goodluck Jonathan may be sacked before he completes his tenure as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He became the Acting President of Nigeria in February 2010. He became a substantive President in May 2010 after the death of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. He was elected as the President of…


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The Federal Republic of Nigeria has been through a state of turmoil, both in the aspect of security as well as the bid to build its economy; perhaps to join the developed economies, but the challenges that face the policy makers, makes it hard -not impossible- for the actualization of such dream.

The 'golden policy' is a step by step plan on how to achieve these plans starting from the grass root.

Firstly, the introduction of a 'Five hundred Naira market' by the federal… Continue

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Correspondent Chapel Interacts With Princewill, Makes Case for Assistance

Correspondent Chapel Interacts With Princewill, Makes Case for Assistance


By Nwaorgu Faustinus


The Correspondent Chapel of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Rivers State Chapter, has appealed to the Prince of Niger Delta Politics, Prince Tonye Princewill to use his status and influence to improve their welfare.


The union made the appeal during a courtesy call and media chat with the Prince recently in Port Harcourt. Mr. Terver Akase, the…


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the governor of enugu state

The governor of enugu has turn enugu into sodom and gomora

Added by Celestine Ayogu on February 25, 2012 at 6:50pm — No Comments

The world of possibilities

Hello fellas,

You can now post any topic you want people to advise you on, in my on this link TRUEWORDS or type this on your browser

Thanks in Anticipation..

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The most powerful man

A man is powerful if and only if he has what others lack.

You must learn to build yourself, make yourself important by building yourself exceptionally in whatever you are doing. Avoid using bait to get other peoples attention because to become powerful, bait is never the solution but self importance.

Your indispensable attitude in your society will necessitate your importance and that gives you the real power.

Remember: The step you take now determines how powerful you…


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Noah And Nigeria Government!!!!

One day the Lord spoke to Noah and said: "I will give you six months to build Me an Ark. At the end of six months I will send rain fall to cover the entire earth and destroy all bad people. However, I want to save a few good people, and the animals, two of every kind. So I am ordering you to build an Ark for Me," said the Lord.

And in a flash of lightning He delivered the specifications for an Ark. "No problem," said Noah, trembling in fear and… Continue

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Opportunity To Serve and Opportunism for Disservice

“Happiness... consists in giving and in serving others”. ~Henry Drummond

“It is the love that we give and the service we render that really is the great payoff”. ~David B. Haight

“Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance.” J. Donald Walters  

OPPORTUNITY is defined variously as 1: a favourable juncture of circumstances and 2: a good chance for advancement or progress.


On the other hand, the definition…


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God is worthy to us

He gives his grace to us, God is tremendous to we, his children.

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Nigeria’s Intelligence Agencies and the imperatives of Popular Support in Counter-Terrorism

Nigeria’s Intelligence Agencies and the imperatives of Popular Support in Counter-Terrorism

            For students of military history, understanding guerrilla warfare, terrorism, and insurgency over the years have been key to governments all over the world drafting out effective counter-insurgent and anti-terrorism measures as part of government response. In Nigeria, The Boko Haram dilemma has not only continued to take its toll (psychologically, physically, economically…


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Overcoming Discouragement

It's hard to imagine a time when Tinuola Sowunmi wasn't an A-List Entrepreneur, but ten years ago he was a frustrated, a little-known entrepreneur who couldn't seem to breakthrough. Despite his prodigious talents and business prowess, as of his 35th birthday Tinuola Sowunmi could claim nothing more notable than a small scale business. Intensely discouraged, he turned to alcohol and quickly developed a dependency on drugs. Within a year, he hit rock bottom. When his wife and seven-year old…


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