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A Dream Can Be Realized

A Dream Can Be Realized


We are encouraged to keep strong.

Well, ABC4ALL is built as a collective of ideas, collaboratively built ABC4All to the level it is now, for over 13 years.  It is as if ABC4All went underground working to make sure that it has formed a solid foundation.

ABC4All has created opportunities never available before and…


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Beyond Ashes And Sackclothes

Unarguably, the decisions we make each moment of our lives have a way of making or destroying us- it can either make us better or worse. Again, our actions, to a great extent dramatise our decisions. The truth remains that our decisions, thoughts and actions cannot be separated, they work together to determine our choices and relevance; the nature of our relationship with people and all-round influence on our society.

Once in a while, we make up our minds to act in ways that leave us… Continue

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Why Does My Skin Colour Upset You? By: Michael Bobby Obodo, Jr.

Lately, I have sincerely been asking God what is wrong with my black skin. I have waited for a direct answer or at least a sign/clue as to what the problem is, but have not yet gotten an answer. I ask him so that I can immediately stop blaming and getting upset at other races for the over six hundred years (this is in modern history) of oppression and suppression and enslavement that have been meted out on my skin color.  Those who have not been continuously and steadily undermined and…


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The Kind of Leaders Nigeria Need

We need people who will stand in the gap, people who are not for sale; people who are honest, sound from centre to circumference, true to the heart's core, people with conscience and integrity as steady as the needle to the pole.

Men and women who will stand for the truth even if the heavens totter and the earth reels; people who can tell the truth and look the world right in the eye. Leaders who neither brag nor shy away from challenges, people in whom the courage to bring betterment to… Continue

Added by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha on August 16, 2011 at 6:30am — 1 Comment

An afternoon on the Ore-Sagamu Expressway

An afternoon on the Benin-Ore-Sagamu Expressway will make you tear your voters card and begin to pray to God to come down and rule Nigeria, or bring the colonialists back......This a road where Diezani Alison-Madueke shed crocodile tears, a road that caused Mr Ogiemwonyi rhe then Minister of Works to be chased out of the Oba of Benin's palace, a road that is a critical link from the South South to Lagos. A road that continues to gulp Trillions of Naira. And what you find is the award of the… Continue

Added by Chukwuka Anaziah on August 12, 2011 at 9:11pm — 1 Comment

Bringing Back The Obama Miracle In 2012

As America prepares for the 2010 presidential elections with emergence of Republican candidates it may just be ripe for us to evaluate the chances of a re-election of the incumbent President Barrack Obama. In the light of recent Republican upsurge starting from the 2010 mid- term Election that gave them majority of the seats in the House of Representatives going on to the present attempt to put a ceiling to deficit borrowing. We know the consequences of the global market with the withdrawal of… Continue

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I had a very heated argument with a good friend of mine over my comments in support of the establishment of Islamic bank in Nigeria. I am equally convinced that more of my friends will be disappointed with my position on this matter, but whichever way, I plead for opportunity to explain my position.

• Christian leaders in Nigeria have never being proactive in creating, initiating or adding value to the lives of their followers; they are simply contented as “praise singers” for the…


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Travel To Ghana.

Traveling to another country could be stressful and if not properly informed, you could make mistakes in making choices such as where to stay or where to go.


Nigerians who intend to travel to Ghana for Study-Vacation or Business can visit this site to make their trip stress free

 visit for more details.


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sam loco efe found dead in his hotel room at owerri

Another sad even for nollywood as the death of a popular actor and a comedian mr sam loco efe pass away at his hotel room at owerri on AUGUST 6 2011 . His death was a shocken even, as he was trying to edit his movie which he directed, him and his crew desided to take a break and rest, he then went to sleep in his hotel room. After some time his crew woked up to continue, they went to his room to wake him, after some countless knocking on the door without any reply, the crew desided to break… Continue

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The Gulder Ultimate Reality Show - Season 8



The "Gulder Ultimate Search Reality Show" is here again. Tagged Season 8, the show started in 2004 at the mysterious Snake Island, Lagos. From here, it moved to the "meandering cold hills of Obudu," in Cross River State. Subsequently, it was held in the humid forests of NIFOR, the oil palm research institute in Edo State, followed by that of Shere Hills, Jos, Plateau State, Awgu Hills, Mmaku, Enugu State, Omodo Forest, Aagba, Osun State and Omo Forest, J4, Ogun State. This…


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winner of big brother amplified 2011 and rumors against big brother

Once again Nigerians prove then-selve as the giant of africa by winning the big brother amplified. Karen whose one of the contestant of big brother amplified made her country Nigeria proud by bringing back home the $200 000. This will make it the third time Nigerian as won the BBA ground price. Rumors have it that big brother is against luclay, majority belive that luclay won the second price and not wendall, some people say that big brother comtributed to the making of wendall the second… Continue

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"Your Special Wedding Day Means You'll Have"

someone's hand to hold... even when you're feeling

sick... even when you're old.

It means when you sit down to eat,

someone will be there.. so you won't have

to tell your day to an empty chair.

It means that you can…


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Twisted Truth by Adeolu Adesanya

 Twisted Truth

How can lies becomes truth,

And the deed ends before it starts.

The twist of events to change history 

Or web of lies woven to alter future.

Whatever the case, it ain't right.

As your words apparently weighs more

And the fact, a glimpse into reality.

How can the right thing be wrong

And whip cracked to say thanks.

The downfall though envisaged

Yet it's build up to materialised.

All in the height of wickedness 



Added by Adeolu Adesanya on August 3, 2011 at 11:53am — 1 Comment

Barack Obama: Historic Failure of a Historic President

There comes a time and a point in history which indelibly define a President. Oftentimes the event may not be of major import in the greater scheme of things but the management of it is of such prominence that the success or failure in the handling of the issue is permanently attached to the


Such a moment has happened to Barack Obama. His incompetence, inability to lead, prevarications, petulance and immaturity in the debt ceiling crisis have indelibly created an… Continue

Added by Ogundipe, S.O. on August 2, 2011 at 7:47am — 1 Comment

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