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Call_08137470882 for Covenant University admission processing and help today.

Covenant University admission is currently on going, for help and assistance on admission processing, you can call us on 08137470882.

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Are You happy’with Your Life?

  1. The Money you are making as a salary earner or self employed, is it okay for you?
  2. Do you need an opportunity that help you to become more successful in Life

Helping Hands International biz.Offers you…


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Few Hours to the Release of Microsoft Windows 10

In less than 24 hours, Microsoft will announce the release of windows 10 operating system. Most of us who have previous versions like windows 7 and windows 8 will definitely wish to upgrade to the latest version,

But while windows 10 is launching July 29, very few people are actually going to to get the upgrade that very day reported kim komando for Usatoday

Click here to see why only few people are going to to actually going to get the upgrade and how you can be amongst… Continue

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Do you know you can now charge you phone wirelessly now??? find out how

Samsung has brought to us one of the easiest way one can charge his phone wirelessly. mehn i really love this new innovation

what does that really mean? apart from one being able to charge his /her gadgets with a charger/universal charger or power bank, one can also charge wirelessly.

is that not great guys??

Please just visit my page BELOW to


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Check Your JAMB Re-assigned Institution For 2015 - Follow These Steps

All you need to check this is your JAMB registration number.

Note: Do not make payment to any body for this as you can easily check it by your self or better still, post it in the comment box below so that Myschoolers will help you check.

Step 1: Visit the checking link by clicking here… Continue

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Ojerinde Dibu Most resign and be Investigated. JAMB Registrar Paid To Divert Candidates To Private Universities.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation board JAMB has deceived and defrauded candidates of the JAMB examination for several years.

The selling of "Change of Institutions and Courses" forms is a particularly questionable practice.

I call on all human right activist to help intervene on this issues as most universities like Federal University of technology FUTO exams will be holding soon. To enable candidates return to their choice institution to write their exams.

Its… Continue

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FUTO Post-UTME 2015/2016 Registration form now on sale!

Candidates who chose Federal University of Technology, Owerri as choice university in the 2015 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), are hereby invited to a Screening Exercise.

But first you are required to check if you are eligible to continue your FUTO application by logging in to apply.futo.edu.ng click on register with a valid email address, ( you can create one at www.gmail.com if you don't have one) and make sure you supply… Continue

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Small Business Ideas

It is no longer news that the rate of unemployment has greatly increased in the past one year and there is need for people to resort to business, getting involved in a meaningful business is the only alternative to the rising rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Now when we talk about employment it does not only mean being an employee in an organisation but also getting involved in business either in agriculture, buying and selling, internet business,importation, manufacturing etc. Today we see…


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NANS Rejects JAMB Eligibility Regulation

The fraudulent eligibility regulation of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has been brought to the notice of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN STUDENTS (NANS) Southwest Nigeria Zone.

A statement issued by the General Secretary and Public Relations Officer Zone D, Comr. Obanobi Bidemi and Comr. Olatinwo Jeremiah, described the policy as a con game, malicious, mischeavous, savage, lame and nonsensical.

“Over 40 million Nigerian students at home and in diaspora want… Continue

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The Federal University of Technology, Owerri FUTO invite candidate who choosed FUTO as their choice university in the 2015 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), are hereby invited to a Screening Exercise, provided the names of such candidates are on the list submitted to the university by JAMB. intending applicants are expected to first login to apply.futo.edu.ng to ascertain their eligibility to participate in 2015/2016 FUTO POST-UTME Screening Exercise, based on the list JAMB… Continue

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2go Download from www.2go.com & 2go.im

2go can be downloaded from www.2go.im. This version i.e 5.0.3 looks like Whatsapp. 2go team has launched a new version called 2go 5.0.3 with new features and its now available for download at…


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Benefit of Tigerrnut

Nutritious product with a high energy content (starch, fats, sugars and proteins), rich in minerals such as phosphorous, potassium and vitamins E and C:

- Phosphorous, together with calcium, constitutes the bulk of the mineral substance of the bones and teeth. It plays a part in the formation of ATP, an energy compound indispensable for "activating" glucose, fatty acids, etc. It…


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This an INSIGHT on FUTO Tuition fee

this is just an insight of the Federal University of technology Owerri FUTO tuition fee as of last year 2014/2015, please note that changes may apply.

FUTO School Fees Schedule.

General Acceptance Fee N40000

Year 1

Geology N47,800

Other Departments N45,300


Geology N35,800

Other Departments N33,300

Year IV-V

Geology N30,800

Other Departments… Continue

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By: Bisi Adewale

Many things guys base marital decisions upon are very funny a times very foolish,and it has led into a life time of regret for many guys. let examine and burst them one by one:

1: CURVE: they ask,is she figure 8,If you marry her for her figure 8 will she maintain that when she become pregnant? never,it may even turn to figure 96

2: SIZE: they ask is she "Lepa" (slim)they are crazy about Lepa. After giving birth to the first baby,what happen? it will be as if you… Continue

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How you can make money from laptop repairs

You don't have to be a professional repair technician in order to learn how to repair laptop computers. With the right knowledge and tools, you can start to do laptop repairs for yourself or financial gain. This you will learn in the one day, one on one laptop repair training, you will learn:

* How to fix various laptop hardware and software issues with practical examples.

* Step by Step guide on how to create a very powerful and handy multi-purpose Windows PC all-in-one… Continue

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Let’s be honest… We all want to make more money, and have more free time to enjoy it, right? We all want the freedom to be able to spend more time with our friends and family, and do all the things …

Let’s be honest…

We all want to make more money, and have more free time to enjoy it, right?

We all want the freedom to be able to spend more time with our friends and family, and do all the things that we actually enjoy doing, rather than the things we have to do in order to pay the bills.

But life doesn’t work like that, does it?

Well actually, it does – if you want it to.

And this new-found freedom of choice that we’re all…


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Could insulin in pills prevent diabetes?

For nearly a century, insulin has been a life-saving diabetes treatment. Now scientists are testing a tantalizing question: What if pills containing the same medicine patients inject every day could also prevent the disease?

Thirteen-year-old Hayden Murphy of Plain field, Illinois, is helping researchers determine if the strategy works for Type 1 diabetes, the kind that is usually diagnosed in childhood. If it does, he might be able to avoid the lifetime burdens facing his 5-year-old…


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Photos: Cristiano Ronaldo meets near-nude clone in Tokyo

Cristiano Ronaldo today came face to face with a scantily clad life-size double of himself in Tokyo where he is presently to promote an electric muscle stimulator for sculpting a washboard stomach. The near-nude cyber-clone was unveiled by Japanese scientists who…


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Photos: Man arrested with fake $2.1million at Lagos airport

45-year old Lawrence Agbe (pictured above) was yesterday July 7th arrested by security officials at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport Ikeja Lagos while trying to transport fake dollar bills totaling $2.1 million from Lagos to Abuja.

While speaking on the arrest, the Commissioner of Police for…


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