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How To use The Law of Reciprocity To Grow Your Relationship

The Law of Reciprocity is perhaps the most powerful and vital of all human motivators. Your regular use of it will bring you opportunities that you cannot

now envision. This principle says, “If you perform a duty for someone, that someone

will want to perform a duty for you. He or she would want to reciprocate in

some way so that he or she…


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Rethinking Ribadu’s Beatification

Rethinking Ribadu’s Beatification

by: Idumange John…


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Nigeria: A Travesty of Democracy

The quiet of the night was punctuated by the deafening sound of my

neighbour’s electricity generating set. Power cuts have become an

expected part of our daily life; it’s no longer fashionable owning one

of such devices as necessity has made it mandatory to own one.

With nationwide electricity generation down to a mere 3000 megawatts for a

nation of over 150 million inhabitants, alternative energy sources have

come to stay as a large chunk of the population… Continue

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Enters Atthihiru Jega

The issue with this country is not about the calibre of intellectual we have to make our country great again. Rather its the moral issues of standing firm in the fierciest time of deciding whether to do right or wrong. We have never been short of supply of die hard critics and avowed reformists only in principles,but when saddled with responsibilities of change,they are always found wanting in practice. For me, the hope still lingers that Nigeria, though, unpreditable shall rise again as Prof.… Continue

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with all ovations trailing the nomination of Jega as the INEC chairman, is it enough to move our political system to the next level?

it seems a lot people, politicians and the human rights activists who have been clamouring for a non partisan individual to be nominated and appointed as the INEC chairman are all in agreement with the President's nomination of Jega.
But we know that in reality the problems are with the politicians themselves not with the system, no matter the flaws. after all people look for flaws when it's not going their way. United Kingdom has been using a political system that was…

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ATM Consortium Recruits into various Positions


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Winning the war against ignorance in Nigeria

As a matter of preference I have tried to refrain from focusing on the many sided ills of decades of military and civilian misrule in Nigeria because I did not want to call attention to the bad or give undue credence to the

inconsequential at the expense of urgently needed reforms. It worked well in

the run up stages of the Nigerian revolution but then many begin to question if

truly these ills have had an impact enough to warrant our going back to it…


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Bayelsa: Impeachment and Legislative Oversight

Bayelsa: Impeachment and Legislative Oversight

By: Idumange John

The legislature plays an indispensable role in the development process of any nation. This is most crucial in emerging democracies in the transitional societies The State Assemblies are also empowered by the constitution. Section 6 provides inter alia: that the legislative powers of a state of the federation shall be vested in the house of assembly of the state.

Part 11 Chapters 4. (7) States:

The House of… Continue

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A Heart to Mend comes to town

NIGERIANS and literary lovers who have been longing to get their hands on the new novel by new kid on the literary block, Myne Whitman can now heave a sigh of relief as A Heart to Mend has come to town. Last week, at the a media presentation, Magic Wand Publishing, unveiled the Nigerian edition of the debut novel that presents the gripping tale of a young woman finding her feet in the world and how her life intersects with that of the wealthy egoist she meets.…


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To Our Super Eagles

I wish our Super Eagles the name of our President (Goodluck) in South Africa. I could have been sceptical of their chances in the competition, but the stage is so big that raises patriotism above any feeling of anger, resentment and negativity in whole, that have been stirred in our hearts by the inefficiency and corruption in the corridors of our football administration. So I remain hopeful and prayerful for those guys. I pray they'd fly the beautiful Green and White high to the heavens. God… Continue

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The Day of a Nation

O' our hearts in need of repair

The pains of a nation

O' our souls burdened with despair

The tears of a people

With faith, however

We can overcome our sorrow

And work for a better tomorrow

So that in another few years

We will look back and be glad

That we made the efforts

We will savour the pride

Of a people who peservered

By the strength of their will…

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My fellow compatriots,

It is with utmost necessity that I write this and I do hope it meets you well. Thank God you arrived Durban safely though I couldn’t fathom why you chose to wear track-suits on arrival when other teams were decked in designer’s suit, una fall my hand no be small. I have been a passionate supporter of the…


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The World cries with the People in the Gulf region. But who dies with the People in the Niger Delta region? Oil Spill in the Niger Delta: Where Cometh their Help? By: Michael Bobby Obodo, Jr.

It has been a little over a month since the oil spill occurred in the United States’ Gulf and words are not enough to express a profound empathy to those who are directly affected by it and have to live with it for a lengthy period of time: the ones who depend daily on the Gulf for their food consumption, income to provide for their families, and for the protection of some of the world’s most unique sea creatures in the area. On no other can you see reflections of the…


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IFES Nigeria Recruits into Various Positions


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2011: Why Pdp's Zoning Agreement Must Be Jettisoned

The dream of the founding fathers of any political party in the world is for their members to share the same vision with them, to follow their footsteps and to preserve their enduring legacies. These are naturally what the successive members of the

party are supposed to uphold especially when the vision and legacies meet the

challenges of their time. But when the reverse is the…


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“The National Assembly has spent over N523.4 billion to enact 532 laws in Nigeria ’s 10 years of democracy without considering the urgent amendment of the 1999 Constitution requires. It means that each of the 532 bills passed during the period costs the citizens about… Continue

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Incredible IBB wants MKO immortalize by the federal government. Is it the devil still at work or JESUS CHRIST have taken over the affairs of the country? I can remember the general through his press representative said MKO was not the best for this country, so his victory was denied, have we now reverse our minds or we just need votes in 2011? Abacha loot was challanged only after he was death and MKO remembered after his death. IBB, Obasanjo, etc refuse to appeare in panels set to qustion… Continue

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“The Ministry of Finance may seek parliamentary approval to alter key 2010 budget assumptions to better reflect global energy prices and the country’s crude oil output.The Minister of State for Finance, Mr. Remi Babalola disclosed this in Abuja on Thursday. “The Minister had raised the alarm earlier this month that government revenues, mostly from oil sales were not enough to fund this year’s expansionary spending plans and could force the Federal Government to use its entire… Continue

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