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Four Steps to Finding an Excellent Tutor for your Child

Compass Tutors

Whether your child is lost in a haze of elementary grammar rules, sinking fast in a jumble of Newton’s laws in secondary school, or gets scared of attending a Math class, you need help quickly, before your child falls way behind the class and never recovers. So, what exactly can you do….now?

Many frustrated parents solve this problem by hiring a tutor.…


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Mr UK Nigeria King and Miss One Nigeria releases new stunning shoots

Reigning Mr UK Nigeria King ifezue Uchenna Emmanuel and Miss One Nigeria Queen Adaobi Okafor

embarked on a hot but yet sizzling shoots to mark the festive season.

The duo was spotted at the orphanage home some months back in Awka, Anambra state where they launched their collective pet project themed "Feed the orphans" as well visited the prison yard in onitsha to donate food stuffs to the prison in mates.

This time around, their shoots has been the talk of the town as… Continue

Added by Ifezuoke Chikodili on February 16, 2017 at 1:32pm — 1 Comment

non seulement sur la nuit de bal d’étudiants

Quand il s’agit de nuit de bal, les préparations commencer calmes plus tôt surtout chez les filles. Prom night est une occasion spéciale qui s’est tenue dans les écoles et lycées habituellement à la fin de l’année. Alors une nuit de bal n’est pas complète avec un habillage complet et intégral traîneaux personnalité cette nuit-là. On sait très bien que l’importance n’une robe de bal a, non seulement sur la nuit de bal d’étudiants, mais aussi pour autre …


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Vous ne voulez pas se disputer avec

Certains types de réceptions de mariage impliquent beaucoup de jeux et de danses. Si tel est le cas, assurez-vous que votre robe de mariée vous donne la liberté de mouvement. Vous serez ennuyé et bouleversé par la fin de l’événement, si vous avez été limité dans vos mouvements pendant plusieurs heures. Vous sera robe de bal longue également manquer sur beaucoup de plaisir qui se passe avec vos…


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Zahra Buhari Asked Nigerians To Pray For The President to Get Better

Zahra Buhari Asked Nigerians To Pray For The President to Get Better

The question one should ask who do we believe? the government that says the president is all right or the daughter who is asking Nigerians to pray for the health of the president of NigeriaIn Nigeria things are not what it seems, many Nigerians will always say “they do not trust the government of the day” why some will say the government is filled with lies. the truth is do you blame them? for all the secrecy this…


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9 Ways Students Can Use Social Media to Boost Their Careers

If you are a student, chances are high that you are heavily involved in social media. Chances are, you’ve also read dozens of panicky articles on the ways that social media can ruin your career before it even begins. Unfortunately, in the midst of all of this sky is falling negativity, it can be easy…


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Expect Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow, Solar Eclipse On February 26, 2017

Nigerians will join the world at large to witness some remarkable extraordinary things, including a lunar eclipse that will happen tomorrow Friday February 10, and comet 45P, also known as the New Year comet.

Meteor showers, eclipses of the sun and moon, and lunar satellite posing with planets, all feature in this month. when the Moon pa**** directly behind the Earth into its umbra (shadow), this is known as a…


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My%20Edith.jpg lightning - I Love You + Idad Mood (crazy mood) @ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ax9lkieacre7pe8/AABClBVUaOKbrRHa5Xh-LjP4a?dl=0

currently making waves , support good music #share

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Pupil killed by Electricity At School

This is a very tragic story, School was supposed to be a safe place for our kids, as education plays a vital role in the lives of our kids and the society at large.

But I'm very sure the parents of Madire Mohadi would not share this sentiment, it was gathered that a 16 year old Madire Mohadi was electrocuted on Tuesday last week as she ran to her classroom when it was raining.According to sources and eye witnessess, Madire Mohadi a grade 12 pupil at Geluksdal Secondary School near…


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House of Reps members pray for the President

I really don't know what to say concerning the President"s condition, just yesterday it was gathered that some members of the House of Representatives prayed for the quick recovery of the President of the Federal Republic, as they said that Nigerians have the right to know the health and status of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In the chairman's opinion, chairman Committee on Public Accounts, Kingsley Chinda, PDP Rivers, said:

“There’s need for the government to give us a blow by…


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Instagram Sign Up - Instagram Login | Create Instagram Account

If you are like me, you will definitely love Instagram because the Sign up process is easier than you'd expect. You can Share videos and photos to the wh*** world and get people to know you or your business brand or cause more better. Gone are those days when people feels that Instagram Sign Up was meant for only celebrity or for only…


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