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Lee Palmer replied to selvaraj's discussion Top 9 Physical Anxiety Symptoms in Women
"I know what anxiety is, it is serious syndrome which bothers normal living. Special exercises and good therapy can successfully treat anxiety, but some medications can have side effects (which do harm to psyche, too). I know some people are…"
Lee Palmer replied to tanyajack's discussion How long does it take for CBD to take effect?
"Usually instantly, also depends on the quality of weed and how do you use it. Vaping traditionally gives the best effect, just use an adequate device like cannabis oil catridge vaporizer and you will feel the relief and relaxation very quickly."
Jul 6
Lee Palmer replied to ENMB's discussion Indian hemp merchant arrested with 114 bags of cannabis
"I read about this case at another source already and I have to say that cannabis market just needs to be regulated in our country. Cbd has definitely more pros and cons, cbd vape can treat multiple diseases and if decriminalized there won't be…"
Jun 25
Lee Palmer replied to Jency William's discussion Natural Cures For Insomnia - Get the Sleep You Want and Need Without Drugs
"Can't even imagine what hell it is to suffer from a sleep disorder .. Happily there are plenty of different medications aimed to help to sleep better, but I guess most of them have certain side effects. My mom coped with insomnia due to natural…"
Jun 24
Lee Palmer replied to martina0608's discussion 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Hemp CBD Oil
"I think there are even more reasons than only 3 :) CBD oil (especially used with a device like this https://gypsyvapes.com/lvsmoke-ymer-650-vaporizer ) is a great anti-ceptic; this product can boast with excellent calming and relaxing…"
Jun 18
Lee Palmer commented on ruffuslittle's blog post Type 2 Diabetes - Does Smoking Affect Diabetes?
"I thought that is a well known fact that nicotine provokes diabetes just like many other awful diseases like cancer, blindness, heart disease, tuberculosis, etc. That is the principle reason why I gave up smoking and switched to safe oil…"
Jun 15
Lee Palmer replied to zoyazack's discussion Can CBD oil make pain worse?
"Superb article, thanks. I know that cannabis can really treat dozens of different diseases (these are cancer, eczema, glaucoma, anxiety, post traumatic syndrome, insomnia and low appetite). But I never known it is also helpful to fight lupus, I…"
Jun 9
Lee Palmer replied to deepa's discussion Stop Smoking Prescription - Effects of Drugs on Moods
"Any thoughts on vaping? I am not an expert, but I personally know a lot of guys who quitted nicotine in favor to concentrate vaporizer which is used with wax and oil concentrates. I guess no one will argue that vaping is safer than smoking, it…"
Jun 2
Lee Palmer commented on Cele Comedy's blog post Nigeria police were arrested for smoking weed
"Hilarious :) I never mind smoking weed and especially medical weed, but police stoners sound absolutely strange to me. I can vape my cbd vaporizer from time to time, but I think people shouldn’t do that outdoors, especially cops."
May 30
Lee Palmer commented on koolkid's blog post Canada Passes Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use
"I envy Canadians, seems like their government is more adequate than ours. I can legally afford vaping cbd oil only (thanks to my cbd vaporizer https://gypsyvapes.com/ccell-silo-oil-vaporizer ), but I wish one day marijuana became legally available…"
May 19
Lee Palmer replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion What not to do when travelling alone in Nigeria
"I used to think that travelling by Nigeria is relatively cheap, thanks for the insight. I also used to think that Nigeria is not very safe, one should think about his personal safety and care about travel insurance (I usually trust these…"
May 10
Lee Palmer commented on emeka's blog post Travel To Ghana.
"Seems like more and more African countries become attractive for tourists, I have to say I enjoy this trend. I've been to Kenya and Zanzibar and I got only positive and interesting experience. The price is higher than average, so that "hot…"
May 1
Lee Palmer replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Five Myths About Adventure Travel In Nigeria
"Great post. Sometimes adventure and adrenaline are the best remedies to fight stress, these two make us feel alive, I know this for sure. Whenever I plan a trip I always try to make it adventurous and unusual, a little stress gives us necessary…"
Apr 24
Lee Palmer commented on Daniel Mattei's blog post How Much It Actually Costs To Travel In The USA
"USA is the most developed country in the world, economically it is very strong and influential.  I am not surprised that travelling here is rather expensive, both accomodation and entertainment. But still there are some things which allow to…"
Apr 16
Lee Palmer commented on Tom Kenneth's blog post Best CBD Gummies
"Agree with the last commenter, cbd is a great product for vaping. I personally prefer medical marijuana, I smoke it with my herbal vape kit from https://gypsyvapes.com/ego-twist--liquid-wax-herb-vape-pen-kit . Both medical weed and cannabis oil…"
Apr 11
Lee Palmer commented on Simon Hopes's blog post TOP FIVE JOBS YOU CAN DO WHILE YOU TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD
"To work and travel at the same time is literally a dream of the most of people. There are many special online platform for freelancers and their clients, the most popular are: Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and other good services enumerated…"
Apr 8

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