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Lee Palmer replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Learn to be kind to yourself
"Thank you for kind and warm words, hope they work for the people who are really going through anxiety, depression and other disorders as you said. I treated my light anxiety with some medical cannabis, just vaped it regularly with a  Yocan Hit…"
May 19
Lee Palmer replied to Frank Umeadi's discussion Public Health Project Topics And Materials PDF
"[quote]FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY AMONG HYPERTENSIVE PATIENTS IN UMUGUMA SPECIALIST HOSPITAL, OWERRI[/quote] Anxiety can ruin one's life quickly, that's true. A lot of people tend to ignore this mental issue for unknown…"
May 19
Lee Palmer commented on edi mulyana's blog post How to Find Private Labeling CBD Oil
"Great guide, thank you. The abundance of cbd manufacturers on the market is impressing, I order Canadian one on Amazon but I also understand there are thousands of similar sellers. Honestly I prefer dried medical hemp to cbd oil, as it perfectly…"
May 19
Lee Palmer commented on Mike Omoasegun's blog post How to Start Your Own Online Business Today?
"Great article, thanks for sharing! Frankly speaking, today it's much easier to start an online business than it was before. The internet is full of options and start selling goods, for example, is not difficult. Besides, it's not necessary…"
May 11
Lee Palmer replied to stellathomas's discussion Joint pain relief tips
"Cannabidiol is a perfect remedy to relieve pain in bones and joints, any medical source will prove that. You can take in form of oil, concentrate, or vape cbd cartridges. I prefer traditional dry herb vaporizer for medical cannabis, my choice is…"
Apr 23
Lee Palmer commented on galeedwin's blog post What are the most common health problems in old age?
"Everything right, all the statements you mentioned are true. I think one should care about his health at any age, not only being old. My first step to better life was decision to quit smoking, I kicked the habit thanks to vaping and disposable vape…"
Apr 23
Lee Palmer replied to lifestyles.ng's discussion Revealed: 8 Mind Blowing Healthy Tips The Doctor WON’T Give You | Staying Healthy
"Thank you for sharing such a useful info, please keep on posting. In my case, the most important health factor was refusing from smoking addiction, I just couldn't kick the habit by myself untill I switched to vaping and disposable vape pod Sea…"
Apr 23
Lee Palmer commented on Harrygames's blog post The History of Progressive Slots
"Nowadays gambling could be a good form of earning. Based on my personal experience, it's important to find and choose a reliable website. In order to avoid scams, I always look for any info about the website and read reviews. I recommend this…"
Apr 21
Lee Palmer commented on Ryan snow's blog post 10 Tips for Motivation, Stress and Time Management
"Time management is the basis of effectiveness, motivation is like a fuel. But there won't be any motivation if you're stressed and depressed, and in this sense I agree that cannabidiol can be really helpful. I am saying this from my own…"
Apr 16
Lee Palmer replied to Jerry Johnson's discussion Is Magnetic Therapy For Real?
"Herbal medicine has really huge potential, but it requires deep knowledge. Cannabis (even medical sorts) better absorb via vaping and devices like dry herb vaporizer Yocan Hit , not in form of oil."
Apr 16
Lee Palmer commented on beulamary's blog post Acupuncture & Weight Loss - There's More to it Than Counting Calories
"Absolutely agree with the first sentence, stress is really the most widespread illness today, about 100 million people all over the world are going through depression, even more people are stressed. As the previous commenter, I treat myself with…"
Apr 16
Lee Palmer replied to Just NEWS's discussion Pneumonia kills over 800,000 children every year – WHO
"You appointed right measures to prevent pneumonia, thank you. I don't understand people who smoke in public places and especially near to children. I do smoke and vape (a vape pen with Vision Spinner battery ), but only indoors, as I…"
Mar 30
Lee Palmer replied to Gideon Nejeta's discussion Nutrition Facts That Slow Ageing
"Smoking (just like other bad habits) doesn't favor good health, that's true. I began to feel many times better as soon as I quitted bad habits and especially harmful smoking, I just replaced cigarettes with a safer vape pen with eGo…"
Mar 30
Lee Palmer commented on HadrielSam's blog post Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - A Powerful OCD Secret
"Smoking can be considered a kind of disorder, too, as one often can't cope with this kind of addiction by his own. I used to be a heavy smoker and managed to quit only thanks to family support and disposable eletronic cigarette Sea Stix ."
Mar 30
Lee Palmer replied to yusuf muhammed lawal's discussion Expert Gives Tips on How to Cope with Diabetes During Ramadan
"Smoking favors developing of diabetes, that's true. But it is not the only disease provoked by nicotine, the list of potential health issues is huge. I used to smoke cigarettes, too, but had to replace them with safer vape pen with eGo…"
Mar 29
Lee Palmer commented on John Walker's blog post Health Care Tips for Old Aged men (seniors)
"[quote] Apart from that, you can avoid drinking and smoking especially in the old age if want to minimizes risk of other problems. [/quote] Hard not to agree, refusing from bad habits is a basic step to healthy life. As soon as I quitted cigarettes…"
Mar 29

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