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Emperor Akbar the Great of Mughal Empir

Akbar the GreatJalaluddin Muhammad also known as Akbar succeeded his father Humayun to Mughal Throne (Naseeruddin Muhammad) when he was thirteen years old. He is the greatest King from the Mughal Empire and one of the notable personality in the history of India as he was very much successful in every aspect. He consolidated his power after being successful in fighting two battles, one with the descendants of Sher Shah Suri and the other was with the Hindu king Hemu in the Second Battle of…See More
Dec 11, 2017
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Dec 7, 2017
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Dec 7, 2017

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Maine Produces the Largest Amount of Lobsters

The demand for lobsters continued to grow and in 1836, canned lobsters became popular so that lobsters could be shipped around the globe. In 1880, a company called Burnham & Morrill Co. became one of the first lobster canneries in Maine. This company is now known as B&M and they are famous for their canned baked beans. 

Around 1850, catching lobsters by traps started to become more popular. In 1875 the first lobster pound was established in a tidal creek in Vinalhaven. Lobster pounds keep lobsters in tanks with water that circulates in the same way smack boats work. Today lobster pounds are commonly found on docks that are floating in harbors. Lobster pounds give the lobstermen some control over their catch. They can let smaller lobsters who have just gotten a new shell time to grow and let the shell get harder. They can also wait for the price of lobsters to go up before they sell them. 

At the time of World War II, lobster was known as a delicacy, and because of the war time economy, people were able to afford to eat lobster. Between 1950 and 1969, lobster consumption increased and profits increased for lobstermen, so more people joined the lobster industry. Many GI’s started their own businesses in the lobster industry with the money from the GI Bill. 

Today, thanks to advancements in transportation, the entire world can have a fresh lobster shipped to them. 

The American lobster can be found from Canada to North Carolina, but is most abundant in the waters off of Maine. Maine produces the largest amount of lobsters in the United States. 

Even though lobsters have been seen in a variety of colors, when they are cooked, they always turn bright red, except for albino, white lobsters. When cooked, the protein molecules in the shell change and bend and only the red color is reflected from the wavelenths in light. Since albino lobsters lack color, they can’t turn red.

Lobsters continue growing and as they get bigger, they shed their old shells for new ones each year. When they shed their old shell, known as molting, they get a new soft shell that is very delicate. This allows the lobster to grow bigger within their shell. Gradually, their new shell hardens, but if they are caught, they are known as soft shell lobsters.

Soft shell lobsters are very sweet,tender, and delicious. About 90% of the lobsters caught in the summer have a soft shell. They cost less than hard shell lobsters because they have less meat than hard shell lobsters that are the same size.

Write my College Essay about Lobster. A Lobster is Not Able to Find Food if their Antennae are Removed

The federal government and all the states in the U.S. are federally regulated that the legal minimum size for a lobster to be caught is 3 ¼ inches in length from the eyes to the tail. This size lobster usually weighs about 1 ¼ pounds. In 1988, the size use to be smaller, but scientists convinced the lobster industry that if they were caught smaller, they were younger lobsters and did not have the chance to reproduce, and eventually there would be a severe shortage of lobsters. They would have preferred the minimum size to be 3 5/16 in length because at that size, nearly 50% of the females would have had the opportunity to reproduce. The lobstermen resisted and 3 ¼ inches length beame the legal size. In Canada, the minimum length of 3 3/16, is even smaller. These lobsters are not allowed to even be imported into the U.S. Maine has a minimum length of 5 inches so that the population of lobsters remains high. 

Lobsters have an excellent sense of smell, which they use to find their prey. Clams are common food for lobsters. They will break open the clam shell with their claws. They are clumsy eaters and leave a lot of debris as they use their mouth parts and their first 2 legs to get the food into their mouths. The lobster has 3 stomachs, which all assist in digestiion. The first stomach has a set of teeth that grind and pulverize the food. The second stomach has a digestive gland and helps the food get absorbed into their body. This area contains the green stuff you see when you are eating the lobster. The third stomach takes the waste out of their body. 

Lobsters are most noticeable for their their powerful and oversized claws. One claw is a crusher claw that pulverizes its food. The other is a ripping claw for tearing at its prey. A lobster who has a crusher claw on their right side is considered a right handed lobster. 

The lobster uses their claws for holding and ripping their food. The lobster also has 8 legs for walking and 2 front legs for a total of 10 legs. The lobster usually uses crawls forward using its legs, but if it is trying to get away quickly, they can use their tail to move backwards. When lobsters get scared they will throw their claw or a leg. They can regenerate these limbsn. Lobsters have an exoskeleton, which means their skeleton is on the outside of their body. The lobster is considered a crustacean like shrimp, crabs, and barnacles. Crustaceans are part of the larger group known as anthropods, which is the same group as spiders,horshoe crabs, and insects. 

Lobsters eyes have 10,000 facets that each work like many eyes. Their eyes can detect motion when things are dim, and is probably blinded by bright light. Lobsters do not rely on their sense of sight much at all. They manipulate around their environment through taste, smell, and touch. They have antennae on their head and tiny hairs that cover their whole body, which make them very sensitive to touch. On their legs, there are tiny hairs that are similar to taste buds. If the lobster likes what they pick up, they will then eat it. Their antennae help them pick up odors from further away. They are known as chemorecptors and help the lobster find food to eat, a mate and enemies. 
The hairs on the antennae have over 400 different types of receptors that are sensitive enough to tell the difference between different types of food and different prey. A lobster is not able to find food if the antennae are removed. If a lobster senses a predator, they will either hide or become aggressive with their claws. 

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Emperor Akbar the Great of Mughal Empir

Posted on December 7, 2017 at 4:38pm 0 Comments

Akbar the Great

Jalaluddin Muhammad also known as Akbar succeeded his father Humayun to Mughal Throne (Naseeruddin Muhammad) when he was thirteen years old. He is the greatest King from the Mughal Empire and one of the notable personality in the history of India as he was very much successful in every aspect. He consolidated his power after being successful in fighting two battles, one with the…


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