Address: 135, rue de l’Ouest, off the rd rumodara
Country: Nigeria
Tel: +2349032362340
Email, whose head office
how to join the illuminati and get rich and famouse whatsapp +2348032362340
WELCOME TO Illuminati
Are you frustrated in life. What type of wealth do you want? Today the
Lucifer has order us to bring member to his kingdom. Are you tired of
poverty and now you want fame,power and riches.Our magical powers are
beyond your imagination. we could do magic on your behalf regarding, your
financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. we
have the power and we use the power. we are Illuminati, and we could change
the course of destiny. Get to us and we shall help you. Tell us what it is
you want and we shall go about our work. Is it someone or something you
desire to have? Do you want wealth(Want to grow your bank account?, Need
funds to enjoy the good life? Tired of working hard and getting know
where?) or happiness? the most power society welcomes you to Illuminati..
contact Illuminati initiation home Send us your most important desire and
we shall work our powers in your favor. When filling out the online order
form, be sure to tell Illuminati what you want! Contact me Via email:
{estherill +239032362340, Add me on Whatsapp +239032362340

What is the Illuminati?
The term “Illuminati” has been used in many contexts and has been
attributed to a variety of individuals or groups. Originally chosen as the
name for an 18th century European secret society, the modern Illuminati is
a totally different creature from that of the Illuminati of Bavaria.
Today Illuminati is commonly used as a generic term to describe the ruling
elite, a relatively small group of plutocrats who possess and govern our
world collectively.
The exact number of people in this group and the degree of control and
influence they have over world affairs is difficult to determine, but the
existence of the ruling class itself is widely accepted at both ends of the
world Political spectrum. This highly organized superclass works in their
own common interests whether in improving the business or not.
This shadow group is at the heart of all the modern theories of the
conspiracy of the Illuminati. The group resonates with what movement, a
herb root organization born in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis
Occupy, called a percent. Christian fundamentalists and UFO profiteers
often added their own twists, including the usual ducks of Satan worship
and blood sacrifice, making the use of the term ambiguous Illuminati.
We will examine some of the most popular theories about the conspiracy of
the Illuminati and look at their similarities and differences.
1. Members pay a fee of USD 100
2. Receive a series of secret code number (S.S.C.N)
3. You will receive a phone call or email to our Grand Lodge Lord will
guide you on the next step, and the date, time and location of your
initiation ceremony.
NB: Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt for this
Once we confirm your payment we will contact you immediately and you will
also send an invitation letter by e-mail to our local Illuminati for the
initiation ceremony within 24 hours from the date you Pay the registration

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