There is a story of a young girl of about four years old that a neighbour use to finger at any slices opportunity for them to be alone together. THE INNOCENT GIRL generously gives in to the act in exchange for sweet. This went on for a long time before another neighbour detected the shameful act and asked the little girl if “uncle lagbaja” has been touching her buttocks of which she responded, YES. The poor girl lost her virginity barely before her fifth birthday. The painful thing was that the mother was not aware of it. The mother is a busy type and often left the little girl in the care and guidance of the house maid who is just twelve years old.
We should be open to sex education which is the better way to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS. Educating our wards especially the girl child about sex, the effects and how it affect them and their immediate environment will help in making a wise choice when it comes to making decision in that regards..
Sex education should start soon as the child begins to walk, giving her knowledge of body awareness. A girl child needs to be told that some particular parts of her body are not to be touched by anybody without her telling mummy and daddy. Parents, especially mummy should create a friendly atmosphere for her to communicate her vulnerability and sexual challenges.
When she turns sixteen and becomes aware of her sexuality and vulnerability, what is the information readily available for her? The mother should be the first to tell her about her menstruation when she first notice it. Mother should develop with her girl child a consistent, positive, emotional connection, which makes her feel secured and help grown in her resiliency needed to manage the challenges in her life.
Mother should help her improve her self-confidence and ability to make informed choices, such as postponing sex until she is mature enough to protect herself from HIV, other STIs and unwanted pregnancy. She should be empowered to take charge of her sexuality. She needed to know that the sexual orgies and drives are part of what makes her human and should take positive response to it by not giving in to her emotions. Let her know that it is an honour for her as a woman to experience sex for the first time after her wedding night.
Mother you shall be counted guilty for your girl child’s early unwanted pregnancy for contracting the HIV/AIDS. Now is the time to act by giving her the SEX EDUCATION she needed to sail through adolescence and beyond.

During the adolescence, teenagers experience sexual changes, sexual desires, and sexual demands. If their responses to these physiological and emotional changes are not properly channelled into socially responsible and acceptable behaviour, they end up getting involved in activities that are harmful to them and lack of guidance leads them into early sexual experimentation.
Honest discussion of sex with the kids, letting them knows that sexual feelings are natural part of growing up. Young people have a choice about whether to show their sexual feelings and in what way. Some could express their sexual feelings through sexual intercourse which comes with a lot of risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, like HIV and a girl can get pregnant. Sexual intercourse is when a man’s penis enters or penetrates into a woman’s vagina. Some could express their through kissing and hugging. It is advisable for young ones to abstain from all sexual acts that can leads to sexual intercourse and avoid premarital sex. They could choose to express their sexual feelings with no action, and this will cause no harm to both parties.
Premarital sex is simply sex that precedes marriage. That is any form of sexual activity that is done in teenage years, before maturity and before marriage. The youth should know that sexual activity is a special gift preserved for married people. Young ones should tread the path of abstinence instead of believing in safe sex.
Early sexual experience could lead to unwanted pregnancies, risk of contracting the sexual transmitted diseases such as HIV.

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Sex education for the girl child has always been practiced in our traditional society , latently, without much noise made about it. Mothers had always taken resposibility in this respect,and, it is handled in such a manner that the innocence of the girl child is not disturbed. Girls are encouraged to report untoward advances to their mothers, and are well equiped to handle same because of the positive norms of the society already imbued in them,which observence is compelled.The immotionallity of the girl child, vis-a-vis the demonstrative attitude of her mother is subjected to general scrutiny, and possibly correction. That was when we were living like human beings.

Of what relevance is sex education to the girl child when she can not be protected from abuse and traumatising exposures right from her family. Her innocence is abused,and her mind forced into maturity when she is surposed to be wallowing in the sea of sexual ignorance,enjoying her innocence,and living her normal femenine life devoid of negative taints. I think that we should direct our energy and resources towards educating those mothers that dress provocatively,thereby misleading the girl child into early,but preventable sexual exposure. THERE IS TIME FOR EVERY,pls. THING.
Similar story happened in my neighbourhood but it is totally different from this. 22yr Maternal Uncle abused 7 year old boy for his sexual pleasure variously unknown to parents.But when child grown upto 12 yrs he abused a mentally ill person (30 yr)for maturbation in open caught.There is no fear.When asked th boy, he told the whole story.Children should taught from 5yrs itself about which is wrong touch , inform parents if somebody touches private parts/undresses, nowadays they have that ability to do so.

Nowadays own relatives abusing their relative's daughter or son for his/her sexual pleasure.Nowadays this is increasing in our country.In our country there is no sex education about abuse or malpractice.In 9th or 10th standard i.e at the age of 14 they are come to know about HIV/AIDS.Presently the child sexual abuse increasing in our country (INDIA) but still our government hiding such things from society,There is no steps taken by the goverment.Teachers abusing the class students ( 9 to 14yrs ) female children frequently than male.Will our government take steps to save the budding flowers ? GOK !!!! God Only Knows.Our Human rights commission reported recently abusing children is on increase.


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