There are two types of zoning known to Nigeria. The first is the 'government zoning' which structures the country into 6 geo-political zones for the purpose of equitable distribution of amenities. The second is the 'PDP' zoning which is a contraption to secure political power by incompetent people from both the north and the south. You will observe that only incompetent and spent forces are clamouring for the PDP zoning formula. I suggest that the PDP should let their zoning arrangement follow the path of the 6 geo political zone if they must zone at all. Nigeria is too big for us to stick to a process that will secure the presidency for intellectual lazy but financially hungry politicians simply because he comes from the north or the south. It must be admitted that zoning in whatever form is not the best. Only the best can serve the interest of the people. If we must copy every thing American then we should note that zoning did not produce the Kennedys, the Clintons nor the Obama of this world

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Lets not talk of zoning even among the six geo political zone. If this country must move forward we must put behind us the issue of zoning and elect competent leaders irrespective of their zone, tribe and religion. leaders who can deliver the dividends of democracy to the people. Zoning has not helped us, it is a contraption that was rigged up by those who do not wish us well designed to satisfy their urge for power.


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