Youth service programme, shoud it continue or be abolish, considering post-election violence and death of serving corpers during election.

The death of youth corpers in some part of nigeria during post-election violence is an evil that befall on great nation. Could u emerging, after suffering for years in the university, the person is killed, cold blooded like a mosquitoe. My God, this is crazy, it can not be imagine, the programme should be ABOLISHED. I felt it, even now. God accept the souls of ur faithful servants', Amen.

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i do not support your views that nysc be scrap. Rather, i will suggest that a new policy be established to allow graduates to serve in their own states. I mean who would want to throw a party for his/her child after passing out ceremony only to end up preparing for a funeral.
nw i can see dat u r reasoning lik me.d programme shold b abolish totaly.i cant imagine dat afta parents ve train dia child 2ru d univerty whn it time 4 dem 2 reap d fruit of dia labour only 4 dem hear dat dey lost dia child tryn to serve d is painful.even dore dia family r compesatd of wat use is d moni.only GOD wil judge us.
Abolishing the programme may not be in the best interest of the nation. Come to think of it, corp members have benefited in several ways from the programme.  Some have got good jobs in the federal civil service, banks and other multi-nationals due to their good performance, some have been able to meet their partners through the programme.  The benefits are immense.  However in view of the recent developments, I am of the opinion that the programme should be re-structured in such a way that Northerners will be made to serve in their own zone, while the southerners will also serve in their own zone.  Any state governor that wants corp members from other zone, will sign an undertaking to protect them.


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