How to generate FREE cash online with Liberty Reserve Account. And Earn over $12,000 in a month! INCREDIBLE but Real !!!

Reading this, you can change your lifestyle! It turned my life around.

I came across this post in one Forum, surfing the net I found an article, which said one could make thousands of dollars in a fortnight investing as little as $4

Well, I thought… That must be one more attraction for dimwits, but still I read it up to the end to know what sort of ‘Herbalife’ I was supposed to spend my HARD earned money on.

Things You’ll Need:
* Liberty Reserve account, open it if you don’t have it yet. Its Free, Then Honesty and Exact following of instructions.
Step 1: People were to send $2 to each of the 2 liberty reserve accounts listed below; then remove the first account number from the list, thus clearing the second line. You put the number of your own liberty reserve account into this vacant 2nd line and send this text or article to about 100 different Forums.

No tricks… I hesitated a bit and realized that I am not risking anything much but just $4…I understood that LIFE itself is a risk and only the bold ones who dares to take risk achieve ALOT. And I decided to Try it. Just guess what happened !!  In 7 days, money started to arrive … I was really shocked! And thought it would stop soon. But it didn`t! I made $59 during the first week, by the end of the second week I had about $1,037, In 20 days I had $7,200 Now!!! After 4 weeks, I had over $12,000 and the sum grows very quickly. And that`s all at a cost of just $4!

My financial situation was devastating till I came across this article. I couldn`t believe it works, until I started getting money transfers from all over the world through this Network. I bought the things I needed…, and it was quite fortunate, wasn`t it?  And now I`d like to tell YOU how it works and, which is more important, HOW!I promise you that if you follow all the instructions given below, you`ll start earning much more money you ever expected without much efforts.



Please, read this twice, Follow the instructions, and you will start earning money from the ‘Network’ service you joined. That`s very simple!

It`s legal. And All you have to invest is only $4…

IMPORTANT: It`s not a fraud, it`s not illegal, you risk practically little or nothing, and it’s just your money working for you!!!

YES, I have a reputation to protect and if its Fraud, believe me $4 is not enough money to cheat you!

ATTENTION:Follow the instructions EXACTLY and over $12,000 will be yours in 20 to 30 days. The system works very well thanks to the honesty of the participants.


So, these are the 3 steps to success:

1. If you haven`t got the $4 in your Liberty Reserve(LR) account, you have to create or open your own free LR account at:  Get acquainted with this system, see how it works and choose the variant that suits you and fund your liberty reserve account with a minimum balance of $5.($5 because of transaction/funding charges).

NOTE: You can fund your LR account through; their certified exchangers, bank wire, and other means close or well known to you.

2. Transfer $2 to each of the (2) of our Certified Networking LR account numbers which will be provided in this article.

3. Everything you have done –i.e. You have created a service and what you`ve done is absolutely Legal. You ask for a legal service, and you pay for it.


Send $4 to the following liberty reserve accounts (i.e. $2 to each of them):
1) U0287271
2) U4530701


After the transfer, Now come back to this article and erase the first account from this list above, Thus the list will go higher (number 2 will become number 1, etc.). And put the number of your LR account into line 2.

Like this :
1 ) U4530701
2) Your Liberty Reserve account number here.

Make all the necessary changes, but try to preserve the main idea. Put this article to at least 100-200 Forums and News Groups. Remember, the more forums you send this article to, the higher will be your income, and your income depends on you directly.


This business goes on and thrives thanks to the honesty of the participants.
So, by the time you reach the first position in the list, you`ll have thousands of dollars in your account!

This costs $4 and a rather not too complex or hard work!!!
Do it now – don`t put it off till tomorrow!!! ”Time is the best kept secret of the rich”



The First thing to do is highlight and SAVE this entire post in MS Word or note pad on your computer or a Removable Disk so that you can come back to it later. Read through the program very well so that you understand the way the system works. In my own explanation, this is a Liberty Reserve system that yields the members money through compounding process.

 If you already have a Liberty reserve account, proceed to the next step. If you don’t have, then go to Liberty Reserve and register.

To fund your Liberty Reserve account or change your Liberty reserve money to physical cash you have to go to an exchanger. Liberty Reserve exchangers are available in most countries of the world,  You can find exchangers in your country through Google.(type ‘Liberty Reserve exchanger, your country’ as keyword). ***


 Remember to register under this link which already has a stronger and established network base. Here is a secret which you might end up finding out late:In this very Networking business, the stronger the network the more money everybody under that network makes. So just register and do your own quota as directed in this article and I promise you everyone will be smiling to the bank.


 Activate your account by paying a onetime, lifetime membership fee of $4. Then Go to the post that you SAVED in your word or notepad as was directed above and edit it as stated earlier. Go to any search engine such as:, Yahoo!, AltaVista,,, etc. and search for subject of something along the lines of: “Millionaire message board” “Money making message boards” “Business Forums” “Money making Forums” “Online Jobs Forum” “Business message boards” "E-gold Forums" "Facebook Forum" “Success Books Forum” etc. Thousands of such boards will appear, all you have to do is, go there, register and start posting your edited post on as many message boards as possible.And remember that the more you post the more you stand to earn.


Another way of advertising is joining social networking sites like: hi5, Linkedin, MySpace,, Make Friends, Make Money, Make Sense, Matchmaker, facebook, twitter, etc. Make friends with as many people as possible in these social networks site and introduce this business to them.  You can also get referrals by joining traffic exchange sites. Go to search engines and search for “Traffic Exchange”. Register and start advertising your biz. - You can also advertise by blogging. My favorite is ''. Blog as much as you can about this business. Post your edited post on as many blog as you can create. - You can post on classified ads site, Go to search engines and search for 'classified ads sites', register and post to as many of them as possible. The more active everyone is the more formidable the network will be, and the more money everyone earns. So all hands should be on deck, if everyone should put in at least 1 - 2 hours/day of their time into this business for 2 months, then everyone will be closer to the $3,945,960+ mark.Note that no one will be there to supervise you, but the more you build your network (starting from you down) the more you get closer to the $3,945,960+ mark. Be honest with yourself, put in your best, having in mind that it is only you that can take you to the top.


For those that will want to register and post in a lot forums, the registration can be very stressful, so I recommend that you use roboformfiller from RoboForm: Password Manager, Form Filler. The roboform filler is a free download. Download and install it in your system, read how the software works from the tutorials provided there, then start registering and posting in a lot of Forums, free blogging sites, classified ads site, etc.




I conclude with this: If you do as you are told, I promise you within few days, you will make your desired money online and keep it that way for the rest of your life unless there is a total Internet Crash. See you at the top.


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