you are left with 10,000 naira only your mother and your wife came asking for the same amount of money for no reasons, who would you like to give first?


many marriages suffer today because they lack understanding, sometimes most men get it all wrong by loving their wife and dislike their mother or dislike their wife and love their mother. some men will likely say, my mother who gave birth to me, who has been there for me from childhood she took all my pains, suffered and stood by me to see me make it then who is my wife to stop or tell me what to do?

while some will say, my wife the mother of my kids who am to grow old with, my mother she is old and has come with her witch to destroy my marriage.

who is she to stop me from loving my wife? next thing that will run into your mind is to send her back to the village.

that way of thinking will bring hatrate between mother in-law and daughter in-law it should be a 50-50 thing. character comes with excellence, as a man you should be able to handle situations surrounding your marital home try to know how and where to placed between your mother and your wife just to avoit conflicts. 

try to make your mother fine love in your wife and also make your wife fine love and respect in your mother.

do not turn your home into a battle ground for women.

in this kind of situation on ground, what would you have done as a man?

writen by Eric patrick N.

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