Xenophobic rancour: 'Sheath your swords, dialogue the ultimate solution'

Preaches peace as the only way out of the quagmire...

Arogbonlo Israel

The Nigerian Christian students under the platform of Student Christian Movement (SCM) of Nigeria in very strong terms, have condemned the xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals and their businesses in South Africa, and the retaliatory attacks on businesses with South African interests in some countries in Africa.

The statement was signed by the National President of SCM, Evang. Oguazi Onyemobi on Wednesday.

"These acts of heartless destruction of lives and properties are evil and wicked, and are inspired by the Devil.

"Africa is a great continent endowed with enormous human and natural resources. But the continent has remained underdeveloped because of various retrogressive moves that destroy the fabric of the continent and take the nations and the people many generations backwards.

"These atrocious attacks of Africans by fellow African brothers and sisters are part of those self-destructive moves that have kept Africa in her dark ages. We in Africa should have a change of heart and attitude and move towards unity and integration, and reject every pursuit and endeavor that divide us and make us enemies to ourselves. We should reject and renounce leaders who incite us against each other for cheap political gains," the agency said.

According to Onyemobi, "There is a lot we can gain from each other when we unite and work together for the development of our continent. We believe that is the spirit behind the creation of the African Union and other intergovernmental organizations in Africa.

"When we stand together, we can more effectively combat crimes, such as terrorism, drug trafficking, illicit arms trafficking, sea piracy, smuggling, human trafficking, and all such like. This will help us build a Great Africa that can stand shoulder to shoulder with other continents of the world in terms of development.

He continued: "We, the SCM of Nigeria, are calling every side to these ruthless violence and attacks to sheath their swords and come to the table of dialogue and resolve the
issues that are stirring the hornets nest in our nations. We earnestly empathize with families that have lost loved ones, those that are wounded and hospitalized, and those that have lost their prized possessions and businesses.

"We urge the different governments to rise up in their responsibility to ensure security of lives and properties within their borders and make compensation to those who have
lost lives and properties. We call upon President Cyril Ramaphosa, who in his vital formative years served as Chairman of the SCM at the University of the North, in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, to remember the motto of the SCM - That All May Be One - and do all within his power to put an end to xenophobia in South Africa."

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