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www.remita.net -  Information is power when applied. Some of especially in Africa go through stranouse activities that should never have occurred. For example, people still go to the bank and queue up to pay for some services that could be done at their living room. And that is one reason i have decided to bring this publication up.

 There are some services that do not worth our stress at all. When it comes to payment that have to do with Bill, people do not need to carry bulky cash on streets locating banks to make such payments. These patterns are very old and dangerous to people because it may end risking their very lives. But there are smarter, ways, faster ways, and more secured ways of making payments to Federal Government for your Bills. This method is called Remita. Which means you can use the Remita Online Payment platform to do transactions.

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 Another issue here again is that many persons do know about www.remita.net but do not have the basic  knowledge in generating a Remita Retrival Reference also known as "RRR" So on this note, i will be as one of my duties today giving us various Steps to generate remita retrieval reference code (RRR).

 In conclusion, i will be giving us the guidelines on how you can pay for your licenses renewals, School fees payment, PHCN NEPA bills, FIRS Taxes, corporate Affairs Commission etc. Please if you do have any question, reach me via my email at the "contact us" menu or via the comment box.

 A scene actually brought my attention to this. In a public box which i boarded recently, a lady made a call to her aunt to confirm to her that she did pay her FIRS TAX via a platform called Remita. I wanted to know myself if she was talking lies or what. I kept silent observing the other people's responds. Sooner or later an argument broke up. Some persons said they was making up the stories that there is nothing like www.remita.net. I laughed because though i knew about it but decided to keep mute.

 Then and there i knew that many persons do not really know much about www.remita.net and that alone have prompted me to make this publication so that i could teach a wide range of people about it.

 Mind you, some federal govt agencies like Pharmacist Association of Nigeria, do not accept liquid cash for your annual license fees again only online and that can be done via www.remita.net. I have done a very good research work regarding the use of www.remita.net and i can assure you that the procedures are quite easy and you can therefore pay any Federal Government Bill via the Remita Platform.

 Please i need to make a brief definition of what the subject matter is. Remita as it where, is an online payment platform. This platform do allow people to accept and send payments to individuals and corporate organizations as fast as possible.

 I will also be using both write ups and photos to explain to users how they can use www.remita.net.


How to Pay Any Federal Government Bill Online Using Remita Online Payment.

1. Users are to Visit www.Remita.net and click on “Pay A Federal Government Agency” button.

2. Now, at this point, you are to Type in the Beneficiary Name in first space that has been provided [Name of MDA]: This have to do with the name of the institution you want to pay the money to. e.g. FIRS TAX FEE

3. Name Of Service/Purpose: Users are to now select the name of service or state the purpose of payment in the drop down list provided e.g ANNUAL FIRS TAX

4. Description: You are to describe what you are paying for. This you should by typing. for example e.g I want to pay for FIRS annual TAX FEES.

5. Amount To Pay(₦): Ensure you type in the amount that you want to pay e.g N50.500.

6. Payer’s Full Name : Type in your full name

7. Payer’s Email: Type in your email address

8. Payer’s Phone: Type in your phone number

9. Complete the Security Catpcha: There are ways they will provide that could help you Confirm your transaction. Some key characters will be provided, you are to enter those characters in the image into the box below it. Basically for security purpose.

10. Click “Proceed to Payment”

Use the picture below as your simple guide…


How to generate Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR)

 When you are done with the above steps, you will be redirected to RRR Invoice Page to generate your RRR.

On this particular stage, you will see your RRR Code. The code is a unique code that has been given to you based on the completion of the above steps. It is given to you for the transaction. The RRR Invoice page is where you see many options to make the payments.

Remita Payment Methods

1. Pay Now with Internet Banking

 Like i said, you don't have to carry bulky cash to the bank to make any payment. You can do it via the internet banking system. All you need do is transfer the said funds directly from your account to the beneficiary account via the Remita powered transfer. It is very notable that people should note that there may be a fee attached to this transfer methods.

 When you get to the  “Pay with Internet banking”column, icons of banks that supports internet banking on Remita pltform will show up.

 You are to Click on any one of your choice bank you are banking with and proceed to payment.

2. Pay at a Bank Branch

 For those who want to pay at any bank branch, all you simply need to do is to print the transaction receipt or copy the RRR code. Take it to your bank and pay the required amount their.

3. Pay Now with Cards or Wallets

 Payments by your ATM Cards online are also other means to do payments. Just click on the card of your choice e.g. Nigerian cards: MasterCard, Visa, Verve or International Card: MasterCard, Visa. You can also pay via e-Wallet services such as PocketMONI.

When you have successful done your payment, you can now be able to download the payment receipt for other subsequent accreditation.

 I hope this publication has helped a great deal. Thanks.

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 Source >>> Shiloh-2016.com.ng

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www.remita.net what is remita and how to make payment on www.remita.net? Remita payment solution is one of many online platform which has been adopted my many institutions in Nigeria for making payments on most online bills.knowing how to generate remita reference code is very important as you may be required to provide your remita reference code for verification of payment.
In this publication, you will see how to generate remita online reference code to complete payment on the NOUN portal and some other institution that accept remita as a mode of making payment.

It has no more news that most universities in Nigeria uses remita to process transactions like acceptance fee, school fees and other transaction - how to generate rrr code for transaction.

Useful tips shared by the poster.


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