Would You Ask Your Lover to Return N10m Gift From an ex-Lover?

Some people have argued that there is no harm when two ex-lovers remain friendly even after each had gone ahead to get married. Saturday Sidetalks asked Nigerians whether they would ask their spouse to return a N10m gift from their ex
She’ll definitely send it back and I will supervise it – Emeka Ozo
I don’t care how much the money is or of what benefits it might be; she is definitely sending the money back to him and I would make sure I supervise that. The money is suspicious as the saying goes,, nothing goes for nothing in this world we live in. No matter how noble the intention of the ex-lover is, he would feel owed. He wants attention and when he gets it, he would even want more. My wife being indebted to him, will be unable to shake him off easily. Secondly, she would lose my respect and I would not want that to happen.
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