When one in invited in a job interview, it's very exciting and overwhelming especially when it comes to a job of your desire, It actually makes you want to say overwhelming things. That is what we have come to bring to your notice that no matter how much you need a particular job, there are several words you should never say In a job interview.

Words You Should Never Say In A Job Interview

1. No:    Don't ever use the word "no" in an interview especially when you are asked a question you have no idea about it. Never you conclude that you know nothing about it, rather make an attempt on answering that particular question whether it is right or wrong! All you must stand on your foot doing is to make sure you never let any question unanswered!

2. Whatever: While you are in a job interview and your interviewer ever said something tat is not funny or anything that is really unbearable to you, never you think of using that word "whatever" the reason is that many people have lost their job because of what they through their mouth, not even because they failed the interview rather it's simply because of the statements they used on their interviewer.  You should always be ready for insults and abusive words while going on a particular job interview and always bear in mind never to oppose your interviewer.

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