Wonders! South African church where members are baptized using their favorite beer

A South Africa church is currently making rounds online after its unconventional way of baptizing its faithfuls with their favorite alcoholic drink instead of water hit the internet.

52-year-old Bishop Tsietsi Makiti, who is the founder of the church known as Gabola and the brain behind the idea says that the congregants at the Church have also been given a go-ahead to drink alcohol during church services. According to online reports, Bishop Makiti’s church has witnessed its membership rocket to over 500 members in just under two months due to the beer baptization. He says he was motivated by the scriptures narrating how Jesus changed water to wine. He added; “People who drink and get baptized by beer are happy and peaceful.

This means they are living in the shadow of God. The church accomm

odates people who are not welcome at other churches. Its name ‘Gabola’ is the Tswana word for drinking. There is only one branch at the moment but the Bishop is looking forward to expanding it further.”Read more

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