Woman vomits blood after taking COVID-19 vaccine

Kaduna State indigene has revealed she spew out blood from her mouth after taking a jab of the COVID-19 vaccine distributed to the state.

Daily Post reports that Mrs Hannatu Tanko who is a civil servant at the Gwamna Awan General Hospital in Kaduna disclosed that she started feeling strange after taking the vaccine on the 25th of March 2021.

According to her, she was rushed to the hospital on Saturday, March 28 after she started to vomit blood. Adding that she was admitted the novel virus remedy at the Kaduna South secretariat because they were told that if they fail to take it they will not be paid salary.

She said: “I was vomiting blood through my nostrils and mouth. I was rushed to Gwamna Awan Hospital, where I was given medications to subside the pain.

”They gave me an injection to relieve me from headache and told me to come for a test. I was also told to buy panadol. I left the hospital because they were not doing anything for me.

According to a reliable source, Mrs Tanko is presently receiving medical treatment at Ashmed Specialist Hospital Trikania, Kaduna State.

The civil servant, however, said she is feeling better now because they gave her a lot of injection to relieve her from the pains.

When asked if she took the vaccine voluntarily she said, “We were told in our place of work that if we don’t take the vaccine, we would not be paid. Since I’m the breadwinner of my family and my mother is sick, I had to take the vaccine so that I will be paid.”

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