Widow and lover Killed during midnight sex in...

Homicide detectives have arrested some people at Umuezeoka Umueze, Effium Autonomous Community, Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State in connection with the murder of two lovers, Ifeanyi Nwokwu and Nkechi Ezaka Ucha.

Nkechi, who lost her husband years ago, was Nwokwu’s lover.

The lovers were alleged to have been murdered on Sunday night, when Nkechi went to spend the night with Nwokwu.

Their bodies were discovered on Monday night and police have made some arrests.

A villager said Nwokwu was married and had children, but his wife and children were not residing with him.

Another resident, who gave his name simply as Nweke, disclosed that aside from Nwokwu, another man in the community was also dating Nkechi.

Nweke alleged that Nkechi’s second lover might be responsible for the lovers’ murder.

He added: “Nwokwu and Nkechi were lovers. The woman lost her husband years ago. The man invited the woman to where he built his house.

Meanwhile, the wife of the man stays in her father’s compound. In the night, the man and the woman were found dead inside the man’s house.

The two lovers had wounds on their foreheads and police had made some arrests. There is another man in the community, who is also dating the Nkechi. He has been arrested.”

(New Telegraph)

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