Why Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicines are remedies and medicines made from plants. They are usually prescribed by traditional doctors.

Science and technology are really helping, but there are some diseases medicines can't easily cure except one goes through long term treatment routine which may cause damage to the body. Our local herbalists are really trying, genuine ones can cure any type of illness, the task then lies to you to know what you are treating.

1. Herbal drugs have been proven to be effective without side effects except for people with medical conditions, therefore you should consult your doctor before taking any herbal drugs.

2. Be diagnosed before using herbal medicine.

5 Reasons you should consider herbal drugs as a treatment option

1. Approved herbal medicines now have dosage and have precise formulas to prevent any organ damage.

2. Resistance to herbal medicine is close to nil, unlike synthetic drugs that the body become resistant to.

3. Herbal drugs are made from natural elements without chemicals additives.

4. Herbal drugs treat sicknesses synthetic drugs can't easily find a solution to except by using painkillers, e.g menstrual pain.

5. Roots and herbs have no long term side effect when properly taken and mostly act as a detox in the body system.

Source: http://www.rapportnaija.com/2016/04/5-reasons-you-should-consider-h...

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