Why Women Don't Participate Nigerian Politics Again

If you really want to know why women don't participate in the political affairs of their countries, this article is for you. Today, i will extensively discuss some of the reasons why many women don't participate in politics anymore.

During my university days, i was friend with one of the most recognized ladies in my class. Her name was Crystalbell. When we first came into the school, she was respected by many students (including our seniors). Crystalbell was loving, kind and friendly. Her charisma earned her the post of "Assistant Class Representative". As the assistant class representative, she was not doing too many jobs. This continued until the actual "class representative", who was a man, broke one of the school rules and he was suspended. Crystalbell had to take up the leadership of our class from him instantaneously as the "Class representative".

For the few months she acted as the class representative, she did very well. For me, she was even better than the suspended class representative. However, some male students were not happy about it. In fact, they condemned her for every single thing she did. This was apparently because she was a woman.

When her tenure as the class representative ended, she contested for other political positions in the faculty, but failed. It was as if the school did not want her to continue her political career. Of course, she didn't wrong anybody before leaving office. The whole class seemed not to like her leadership or the leadership of any other woman in the class.

This story captures some of the reasons why women don't participate in politics today. In fact, it explains the core obstacles holding women all over the world from participating in the political affairs of their countries. Nevertheless, for the purpose of clearity, i will go further to list and explain why women don't participate in politics.

Below are some of the obstacles holding women from participating in politics:


Predetermined gender roles in the society

Lack of funds

Inferiority complex


Corruption and bad governance

Yeah! There you have some of the causes of the non-participation of women in politics. Meanwhile, if you need more information on why women don't participate in politics, i enjoin you to continue reading for more details on each point above.

Source: https://bscholarly.com/why-women-dont-participate-in-politics/

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