Why should you rather take green tea in-between meals?

To ensure that you get the best out of green tea, dieticians and nutritionists have advised that you take green tea two hours before meal or two hours after meal. One would ask ‘isn’t that awkward?’ or even assume that maybe ‘this fat burner green tea would work faster and better very early in the morning when the stomach is still empty’. Well, you have a point; it sure would but not without an adverse effect.


Many have become victims of several health challenges because they do not follow precautionary measures while taking some health therapies especially when it comes to taking diet and weight loss pills, fat burner diets and tea intake. Those who emerge with positive testimonies, if you ask them, have followed moderate instructions; unfortunately for some, they switch from one diet to another because they misused it and somehow, it worked against them, among other factors.

Why take green tea in-between meals?

Green tea contains antioxidants called catechin; taking green tea in-between meals ensures that the catechin does not react with the caseins in the animal protein and iron in the food you are going to eat or eaten. This means, it will prevent the absorption of protein and promote the burning of fat instead.

Why shouldn’t you take green tea with empty stomach?   

Green tea contains caffeine (although in small quantity compared to others). This could lead to damages in your liver if taken without food. You could also be at risk of stomach ulcer resulting from the production of gastric acid in the stomach.

Meanwhile, taking green tea when you have eaten or you are ready to eat isn’t enough rationale to take it in excess. You may have noticed that that sometimes you look pale or have a slight headache after taking green tea; green tea if taken in excess could lead to anemia and make you experience some sleepless moments.

In case you prefer to take green tea at bet time, it is advised, you take it two hours before bed time for maximum weight loss result. According to nutritionist, green tea helps to quicken metabolism and shed off excess fat while you are asleep.

One more thing

If you are not satisfied with the amount of fat you have burnt with green tea therapy, a workout is just the perfect complement with green tea. Taking green tea on regular bases and in the right proportion with time is cool for healthy life, but if you want to burn extra fats, pair it with good and healthy exercise.  

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