Few days ago, it was reported that a teenage girl ripped her friend’s skin apart with a razor blade. Details of the incident narrated that the victim was accused to have snatched her friend’s boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. The other who sort justice, fought with her friend and made her bleed heavily with a bad razor cut on her chick and limbs. Mind you, these are teenagers who are meant to be under the guidance of their parents or guidance and shouldn’t be exposed yet to premarital relationships or rather should still be undergoing some sort of sex education. Unfortunately, one of them paid the price for their supposed ignorance.

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Sex education is still very much needed in basic schools, secondary school students, in the streets and to undergraduates in the university. The fleeting medium of information lately has made a good number of us assume that no one can pretend to never have known about sex and its adverse effects on both male and their female counterparts. As the use of android phones, apple phones and other social applications embedded in them have increasingly become acceptable, it is assumed that uncensored information like nude videos and photos etc.  will definitely spread real fast.

If we can assume that no young person can deny ever knowing anything about sex, it is also necessary to take up sex education in assumption.

How to preach sex education

If in assumption, young people as well as the old are into premarital sex and its associates, these measures can be taken to mitigate the issue.

  • The use of contraceptive should be promoted in the social media platforms the same way these sex tapes and photos are being shared. This is to guide against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Health agencies should also promote the campaigns against indecent exposure of pubic and sensitive part of the body to avoid cases of rape especially among females

  • It also very needful to preach abstinence especially to those who have not yet been exposed to sexual intercourse.

We cannot deny that a good number of researches have gone through to promote sex education and awareness, but more should be done from time to time in even shorter intervals for better outcome.

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