I would surely enjoy playing a game or two at this table. The table has got supple padded armrest which makes it very comfortable for the players to rest their hands on the table during those long games. The gorgeous marble finish raceway adds to the class of the table and makes it stand ahead of the race. This table is certainly comparable with other similar products in its category. The 96" Holdem Table with Raceway is a Casino quality table which certainly deserves a serious look if you are planning to buy a poker table for your house. I am sure that your friends will surely be impressed by this grandeur in your poker room and you will like it too. The price point at which the 96" Holdem Table with Raceway sells is also affordable and you will surely not find it pinching your pocket. This table will cost you a little more than the standard poker tables available in the market because it is a high grade table. The table measures 96"*46"*30". This makes it one of the larger tables but I am sure that you can accommodate this table in your poker room. If I were to rate this table, I would safely rate this table 9 out of 10 points and I would not mind it giving the full 10 point because the table has all the parameters that are needed for a high class poker table. If you are planning a poker table for our poker room you can safely go ahead with this one.

I am sure that this table will go well with a mid sized or large poker room. People who have already bought this product based upon my recommendations have all given positive feedbacks about the product. I am sure that when you have this product in your home, you will never regret your decision.

96" Texas Hold'em Table is in vogue today. This is a review of the 96" Texas Hold'em Table and checks out the many features of the product. The 96" Texas Hold'em Table is a sturdy poker table which is being lapped up by the market fast. Let us quickly check out what makes this table a favorite among poker connoisseurs. This product is one of the standard products available in the market and it comes with 100% wool felt. The table has got padded armrests which are removable for an easy felt change. The unique feature separates this poker tables from other similar poker table available in the market. Many buyers prefer this table because of this fact. These tables are state of art pieces with look of modern furniture. The tables are sleek with sturdy wooden legs which gives stability to the table. The design will entice the traditional design lovers. I'll rate this table high and recommend it as a great buy for modern homes. There are many additional features in the 96" Texas Hold'em Table. The table has a money slot and a box which makes it easy for the dealer to keep the money and any other accessory that would be required during the game. The table also has a dealer tray that holds 300 Chips & 2 Decks of Cards.

With the features that this table has, it looks more of a club table. However, this does not mean that this table cannot be bought for the house. If you are looking for a club level table in your house, this table can be a good buy. What this table lacks are the cup holders and I am not too fussy about it. The coffee can be served on the trolley and kept on a side table and it will also prevent the chances of a spill on the table. The price at which the 96" Texas Hold'em Table sells is also very affordable. You need not shell out a fortune to get this table for your club or your house. The table is a great value for money and it scores in all the parameters of design and quality. This table would make any club owner proud and possibly more guests may turn up at the club to enjoy their games on the new table. If I were to rate this table, I would happily rate it 9 out of 10 because the table scores in all respects apart from the coffee cup holders. People who have bought this table are very happy with the product. The table does not need much maintenance and with the regular housekeep, this product can go on for many years. What may be occasionally needed is a felt replacement. If the table is handled with care, that may also go on for a couple of years. If you buy this table you will have reasons to cheer about and if this table is kept in your house, your friends will surely appreciate it. So, without waiting much you can simply book this table and wait for it to light up your club or poker room.

However, with one table already occupying space in my poker room, I decided otherwise. This table has got all the ingredients that will make your gaming room stand apart from others. The first thing that will catch your eye is the professional grade construction. One can easily make out the designing efforts that has gone in creating this table. The 96" Holdem Table - Red Felt has got heavy chromed steel trim footrest which will allow the players to relax during those long poker sessions. This is a good feature and I have surely not seen it in many poker tables. The leg base of the table is also heavily chromed and surely adds to the looks of the table. The circular and wide leg base also gives stability to the table. Unlike the folding tables, this product looks sturdy and there is hardly any maintenance cost that you will incur on this table. All you need to do is the regular housekeeping and nothing more. The top quality durable wool felt used for the surface will surely not need frequent change if handled with a little care. Even if you have to replace the felt there is nothing much to worry about because this table has got armrests that lift easily for replacement. This is another feature which makes this table one of the favorites among poker table buyers. The supple padded armrest makes it very comfortable for the players to carry on with their game for a long time without feeling the strain.


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