Who Says Obasanjo Is Ugly?…Take A Look At This Photo [CLICK TO SEE]

I don’t know how it started but it just happened that majority of Nigerians started making jokes about the physical looks of former president Olusegun Obasanjo. And it became common place to say Baba is ugly.

I remember one of the most popular jokes circulating at that time which said:

“Obasanjo went to visit the devil, on getting there, he met the devil sleeping. Obasanjo tapped him to get up and the devil turned and saw his face and shouted, ‘BLOOD OF JESUS.’ Imagine devil shouting Blood of Jesus.”

I saw this old photo of Baba with former US president, Jimmy Carter and I went like “WOW!! See swag!”

I love his look here with Carter…very regal. Me I think Baba was very handsome in his younger days. Not everyone ages gracefully.

He was handsome young military officer and he served his country well.

(Hehehe!! If una like cuss me.)

source:: peacebenwilliams


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