The pick that struck the Rosetta Stone in the loamy soil of the Nile delta in 1796 also struck a

mighty blow at historical Christianity. For it released the voice of a long-voiceless past to refute

nearly every one of Christianity’s historical claims with a withering negative. The cryptic

literature of old Egypt, sealed in silence when Christianity took its rise, but haunting it like a

taunting specter after the third century, now stalks forth like a living ghost out of the tomb to

point its long finger of accusation at a faith that has too long thriven on falsity. For that literature

now rises out of oblivion to proclaim the true source of every doctrine of Christianity as

Egyptian, the product and heritage of a remote past.

 The translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Pyramid Texts, and the Book of Thoth lays on the table the irrefutable data which show that, far from being the first gleam of true light in a world previously benighted in heathenism,Christianity was but a poor and crippled orphan, appearing--after the third century--without evidence of its true parentage and sadly belying in its outward form the semblance of its real ancestral lineage. The books of old Egypt now unroll the sagas of wisdom which announce the inexorable truth that not a single doctrine, rite, tenet or usage in Christianity was a new contribution to world religion, but that every article and practice of that faith was a disfigured copy of ancient Egyptian systematism. Christianity, it proclaims, not only did not register a single advance in any line of wisdom or truth, but deplorably vitiated and disfigured the beautiful structure of religion which it ignorantly adopted and so wretchedly purveyed as its own alleged new creation. The shadow that pursued the faith with the semblance of outward similarity for sixteen centuries, now resolves into the substance of veridical proof of original identity.

The entire body of Christian doctrinism is now seen to be nothing but revamped and terribly

mutilated Egyptianism. Through the chance stroke of a trench-digger’s pick Christianity is

brought to book to face its Nemesis. The heathen parentage that it strove so desperately to deny and the marks of which it so sedulously endeavored to obliterate in the early centuries now rises from the dead past to charge its ungenerous offspring with faithlessness and deceit. And Christianity,  must now acknowledge its parentage in a pagan past or, failing to do so, must perish.


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