Ideally,kettle should not call pot black.But,this did not seem to be the case in the case Chief James Onanefe Ibori;as people more corrupt than he is are now playing the saint. The 13 years imprisonment of the man by a UK court is not a shame on the man;but a shame on Nigeria. As this same man was declared not guilty by a High Court in Asaba,bestowed a chieftaincy title by the traditional institution:because of his ill-gotten wealth,and adored by many Nigerians. Is this not aiding and abeting of criminal act! So,who is the thief! Ibori definitely is not the epitome of corruption in Nigeria;but the symptom of corruption in Nigeria. The Nigerian system cherishes and condone corruption. Is it any wonder that Ibori is a thief? Just as a goat cannot give birth to a dog,so also Nigeria is finding it difficult to produce leaders with moral integrity.

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