I can't believe that even at this day and age, and at the stage of development in Nigeria that that we will still be condoning the likes of Babangida and co for the next Government. It's just beyond words. While he was in office he couldn't perform instead he left the country was of than before. Now is he trying to  tell us that he has  seen the light. Somebody please wake me up from this nightmare.

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Bridget Nzeribe said:
Nigeria is heading for doom.unless,this sycophants who parade themselves as our adulterated products are wiped out then Nigeria will witness a transparent reformation.

Yes, Nigeria needs nationals who have people mentality my dear, and that kind of mentality needs to start with our generation. We need to work on ourselves, change our mental attitude towards the nation called Nigeria before we can move on. It beats my imagination that our leaders consider looting Nigeria treasury as their life goals and ambitions.


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