The WHEELED MOBILE CRUSHER should be the most popuar equipment in mining indusry in past 2017. It not only has the widest application scope and best adaptation, also is energy-saving and dual-power supporting. For some certain condition, the wheeled mobile crusher will be the best choice.


This wheeled mobile crusher integrates crushing and screening processing steps together, including: feeding system, crushing system, screening system and conveying system. Combining group operation and separating working method together, the wheeled mobile crusher furthest eliminates the complex site infrastructure of single machine and auxiliary facilities’ installing operation, and reduces labor consumption. 


The wheeled mobile crusher also can be widely used in mining, building materials, roads, railways and water conservancy, electricity and other industries, to complete all grades crushing and screening process at a time. Its unique advantages accounts for this excellent performance. What are these uniqueness of wheeled mobile crusher? We give you some summary as below:


1, High-performance crusher and powerful crushing pioneer with large crushing ratio;

2, Integrating vehicle-mounted motor and control box;

3, Feeder and shaker integrated with jaw crusher, cone crusher, vertical impact crusher etc.;

4, Integrated vehicle installation of belt under the sieve, shaker and crusher;

5, Vehicle installation supporter, equipment stationed fast and conveniently;

6, Steering traction shaft, to facilitate road transporting and go deep into site.


The wheeled mobile crusher has been put into production in some places in China. We can give our clients best professional solution according to their specific project situation.

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