What should You Know before Buying Multifunctional Rock Hammer Crusher ?

Considering that many new investors in mining industry have asked us what they should to know before buying a MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROCK HAMMER CRUSHER, today we summary two major concerns for our readers.


First of all, the investors of multifunctional rock hammer crusher should know the material of the equipment’s spare part. The hammer is the core part for the machine. However, it is also most liable to be worn, which influences entire working condition and efficiency of the multifunctional rock hammer crusher. So the investors should choose the multifunctional rock hammer crusher with most wear-resistant hammer. The common material for hammer are high manganese steel and high chromium. In addition, DSMAC has creatively use titanium alloy to crusher hammer,  for its physical characteristics is more excellent than the traditional material. The service life of this kind of hammer is longer than those made of ordinary material by 50-100%, as well as more safe and reliable.


Besides, the investors of multifunctional rock hammer crusher should confirm whether the seller provides hammer’s drawing or sample. This is very important because in daily production, the buyers need to purchase hammer from time to time. If they have no accurate drawing or sample, the hammer supplier cannot accept the customized request. DSMAC promises to offer drawing and sample for free. And we also accept various customized request as long as either of them is provided. There will be discount for large order.


Welcome new and old customer to our company and factory. Hope to make friends with you!




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