What of those people; children, adolescentsSuper Memory Formula  or adults; who have been so historically wounded that they feel as if they are in a deep, dark pit? What of those people, who in addition to being in that pit have such a paucity of support that they believe they are in this deep, dark pit alone? What of those people who aside from experiencing isolation, have temperaments such that they do not find or perhaps accept quick resilience, and feel as if for each foot hold they may achieve in their climb out of the pit, they just slide back down again with more bruises than before?Please do not mistake these conjectures as an excuse for lack of useful engagement or treatment with any client. I speak here specifically of those clients who are multiply wounded and lack any external or internal support; those whose organic make-up add to the already challenging life they lead.If mental health professionals see our role as one of giving patients life skills tools or helping them think differently about their circumstances, we may fail. If we think of ourselves as enabling them to connect current situations to their past trauma, we may fail. If we think that by helping the client to emote or physically tap into these feeling sensations, these acts will bring ongoing solace; we may fail.


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