What is Learning contract and how does it support online learning?

The streams of flexibility in online learning/education that the post-covid era have birth has proved more personalized, manageable and achievable than before. The new routine, which tends to afford students the level of comfort and motivation they need while learning online also allots the right schedule for teachers to achieve positive online teaching outcomes. We will be discussing Learning Contract as one of the very recent strategies that every education undergraduate, graduate and teachers should note while seizing the teaching opportunities online.

What is Learning Contract

Learning Contract is a term that describes a scenario where a student negotiates and agrees to a personalized learning plan with the support of his/her online instructor. It also accommodates a systemic plan for assessment completion and submission within a designed framework.

I personally took an online course with Coursera, in partnership with Harvard business school and I got to understand more what learning Contract was practically about. Before I got into the main course outline; I was required to fill out a form online stating the most convenient time schedule for my lessons within the course timeframe and with my time zone in view.  I got motivated and inspired because my learning hours would fall within my most preferred hours.

That was my testimony about learning contract. Now let’s get a bigger picture of the benefits of learning contract to online learning.

  • Motivates personalized learning

  • It provides a progressive learning and teaching framework

  • Provides extended and elaborate discussion session for student-students and students- instructors’ online conversation

Motivates Personalized Learning

Learning online as opposed to classroom arrangement is never enough to keep the inspiration alive for some students; just a little more company will do. But contract learning introduces a systemic learning approach that keeps you in check and balances your moments of willingness to learn with that of your online instructor. This motivates you to learn alone from your physical space with a company of people from your online space.

It provides a progressive learning and teaching framework

Boxing an entire lesson plan within a time frame provides a progressive guide at each level of understanding. This makes the course outline a work in progress.

Provides extended and elaborate discussion sessions.

Online courses with learning contracts often follows a corresponding system that checks students’ learning outcome. In most cases, it initiates peer -to-peer  ( student- to-student) interaction sessions to foster lesson comprehension and a mindful teaching outcome.

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