The conclusion of every project induces the preparation of the projects’ report. So for final year projects, there is nothing short of this same principle especially when it is required in a certain academic discipline. I could still remember very vividly after my entrepreneurial development course in high institution that my university had asked every student in my level of education at the time to present a report of the skill acquisition sessions which was to be attached to the to the SIWES handbook. I really didn’t understand what that meant nor could I really point to how useful it will be to the university, but I must say that the picture has become even clearer now.

Meanwhile,we will examine the idea of final year projects report, what needs it is meant to solve in research and when it is necessary in final year projects research.

What is final year projects report?

While a report may mean something else not to different though, final year projects report could simply be explained as the summary an undergraduate research. It contained information about the success, failures, challenges, victories and prospects of the research.

What basic and vital needs does final year projects report serve?

  • It is intended to summarize the research outcome

  • It aims at documenting the successes and failures of the research

  • It also documents in a nutshell the challenges and prospects of the research for the future

  • It signals room for improvement or margin for development

  • The provide guideline for project preparation, execution and delivery in future

At what point in final year projects are reports written?  

You practically cannot give a report of an unfinished work except in partisan politics. Lol. Everything being equal, final year projects report is usually written and presented after the research is totally concluded. This means that every detail that the research  presents is represented in simple and short prose in the report.

Is final year projects report the same as an abstract?

No, it’s not at all. An abstract gives a precise note about the title of a final year project, the chief objective of the research, the procedure taken to meet the research objectives, the research findings and the research conclusion.

On the other hand, final year projects reports contains details of what transpired through the research both the good and bad and what it means for future research.

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