What does your Body Weight say about your Eating Habit?

You make choices of what you eat every day or maybe someone else does; if not, something influences your eating habit. Whichever way it seems, your body weight has a lot to say about your eating habit; if the report is good enough, bravo! If not, I did like to share some tested, simple, healthy eating habits with you.

It takes discipline and self-control to keep a healthy body weight and stay there. Your job can actually lure you to snack through the day and eat healthy only at night, if at all. This forms part of the bad eating habits that knocks you off your normal body weight. Diet and weight loss pills may do you good but not when you pay little attention to steps that break bad eating habit.

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Here are some healthy eating habits you should try out

Make replacements when necessary: As much as you can, try having water when you are thirsty instead of any of the sugary soft drinks you see around and if you snack a lot, having kitchen made meals is advised and healthier, if I may add. Avoid sweets, high-carb biscuits and pastries and sugary junks; many of them contain high amount of artificial sugary flavors which contributes to unhealthy body weight, if taken very often.

People patronize a lot of corn meals like flakes, wheat, custard and the likes at very high rate; it’s easy made so they can eat as many times as possible but then regret the weight gain trauma afterwards.


Take some food out: This may seem a little demanding or juvenile to some but this is one weight control measure that works so well and instills discipline. It is tempting to eat just anything when you are almost starving at work but if you have your food pack or flask of cooked food, you are good. It’s not just healthy, it saves you from snacking all day.

Kitchen made meals are healthy and more satisfying; snacks successfully turn-on the Oliver twist syndrome in your guts. By the way, take small quantity of healthy food per time; that’s a plus to healthy eating habit.

Change some kitchen habits: Chewing gum while cooking will actually help with the habit of picking and throwing things into your mouth randomly while cooking. It’s very easy to drink up a cold soft drink because you feel hot but a little restricting if your mouth is already busy. Gum may not be a cool option, but it helps.

Your eating habit tells why you are overweight, slim or intermediate; it also tells when you are mal-nourished or healthy alike. To keep a healthy eating habit, you must instill self-control and discipline against junks and snacking all day.   

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