What do you think about undergraduates project funding?

One more thing undergraduates tend to worry so much is about funding their final year projects. While some may require huge sum as opposed to others, the fact still remains that some students find it challenging to fund their undergraduate projects especially because the funds has to be made available at any stage it is needed which may turn out ‘wrong time' for them. We will try to consider the following in this article;

  • If undergraduate project funding is as expensive as it is said to be

  • What actually costs money relatively in students projects.

A starter (True life story)


When I was an undergraduate, I once went to my department to submit my course registration form  there I met the then Director General, Projects of my department. He wasn’t  happy at all, I could read the furry in his breath and expression. “Young woman, are you in final year?” he asked me. Yes Sir,  good afternoon Sir. “How much did you pay to get a project topic?" he asked again. I drafted my topics myself and got them approved, I answered.

As if trying to lay complains to me about the encounter he had minutes before I got in and probably to clear his doubts, he  lamented, “ which kind wahala be this?, how can a student tell his father that I ..., he called his full name, had asked him to pay #50,000 to get a project topic?” he continued “ The father just called me now to confirm and that’s how I got to know. You see how students tarnish the image of lecturers,  you see". Standing in awe, I was speechless,  all I had to do was listen.

In essence, students sometimes take project funding too far even when it is almost uncalled for. That amount was supposedly for mere project topic which does not happen anywhere. This brings us to one of our anchor conversions today.

Are undergraduate projects as expensive as they are thought to be?

The cost of funding undergraduate projects are generally relative. Meaning that it varies with different factors.

Lets check out a fine arts student project for instance, you will realize that these guys spend a whole lot of money gathering materials to exhibit their artwork; the same could be said of a science student who may decide to experiment or implement some project prototypes.

But talking about written research work like many other disciplines do, you realize that you need more data and documented resources than funds. And if they constitute a larger population of students who conduct research with less funds, then we can partially conclude that undergraduate projects are not as expensive as thought.

Now, what actually costs money in students projects

If you followed through the story earlier told above, you will be tempted to ask ‘what then do I need money for when doing my project’? for those who have not sold their conscience.

Here are not all but a few things that could cost money in students projects

  • Office file

  • Typing and printing

  • PC ( if you can afford it) else resort to #2 above

  • Transportation

  • Materials for exhibition ( for arts students)

  • Movie Production ( arts students)

  • Specimen for experiments

  • Binding of papers

It is not possible to list all of it due to the fact that each research comes with its own financial involvement and resource needs. Most undergraduate projects turn out prototypes of what they should be and therefore does not cost so much except for very few cases.

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