What are the most important skills for a strong tech lead?

Being a tech lead is nothing short of a perfect combination of entrepreneurship and business administration; they both go well but not without the right skills. Being a tech lead is more demanding because you have to be good at your career and the business side of it to make the most of it. Giving focus to your career curve as tech person and neglecting the business aspect of it makes you an idler and nothing less.

While there are skills you should possess as a tech lead, there are some you must not do without and they include;

Administration skills                           

 Administration requires overseeing the affairs of your business without necessarily doing them in person. A tech business is just like every other business but without marketing, it will hardly payoff. You must understand and know the routines in project management, personnel or human resources management, marketing communications, financial management, task supervision and the entire daily operations of the business to attain your business goals.

Team spirit

A team lead should incite team spirit by habit or by practice; with the understanding that the organizational chain is not complete without one and also devising means to improvise is a good start. You should educate your team about efficiency and working smart, maybe they will understand how the team spirit is brought to bear.

Be good at what you do

You will certainly earn that respect you deserve as a team lead if you are good at what you direct them to do. Although it happens some times that you may not agree with your team members but being visionary makes them trust your judgment for good.

Most times, team leads do not know it all but they know a little bit about everything they do and that’s the practicable aspect of team lead.

I ‘did like you to see these Research materials for more insights about business administration.  

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