What are the keys to building a strong project team at school?

Schools are fundamentally setup to enhance learning strategies among students; as such, team work has not lost its place in the learning cycle as it remains one of the best methods of corporative and collaborative learning. As a matter of fact, project based tasks in schools are better accomplished as a team than on the individual scale especially at the undergraduate level of education.

In building strong project team in schools for undergraduate research projects, field trip or experiment so to say, member need to put in full commitment plus individual and corporate effort for productive outcome. On a serious note;

Here are keys to building strong project team


Ability to adjust/accommodate

Making a team strong applies differently to different people or groups. For some, it means number, for others it means impact and for others still it means class. As far as academic project team is concerned you need number and efficiency; that’s the more reason you should be accommodating and be willing to adjust to people’s differences. That way, you will have the number you need to carry out team tasks as quick possible.

Increase participation

Nothing kills team spirit than low self-esteem and lack of participation. When the whole idea that is acceptable comes only from one or two persons, the others will certainly feel they are not welcome.


When a team continually fails, it becomes discouraging to some members. There has to be a clear objective which should be made open to every team member; there should be no blind spot if productivity must be attained.


A strong project team is also built by motivating the spirit of giving and making sacrifices in every member. Project team member must be willing to give their time, money, effort and other required resources within their capacity.

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