What are good computer networking project suggestions for final year project?

Before I go ahead to enlist them, you need to understand that computer networking does not only seek to study communication sequence among connected devices, it also affects the design, construction, use of network, management, maintenance and operation  of network systems including softwares and hardwares.

Computer networking final year projects does not only require theoretical analysis, it also require a practical implementation to be valuable and relevant; that’s why the use of computer sources codes, alduno boards etc. are necessary for basic testing, implementation and construction.


As a matter of fact, computer networking does not limit its claws within the ambit of computer science alone; it also includes computer engineering, electrical engineering and the entire information communication technology at large. This understanding explains why computer networking devices share or exchange resources using nodes, Wi-Fi, optic cables, wires, xender, routers etc. These networking tools have remarkably become the lifeblood of conventional technology over time with their modified versions evolving from time to time.

So I will go ahead and suggest some final year project topics that revolve around computer networking, having understood what I have explained so far. Mind you, this is meant to guide you on what computer networking project topics look or sound like. So here we go;

  • Multi-level intrusion detection and log management system in cloud computing       
  • Designing a GSM smart system for home control                                                   
  • Design and implementation of expert system on troubleshooting and maintenance of eposon printer                                                                                                    
  • Automatic pump control with water level monitor and digital display                                  
  • Construction of a micro-controller based T-junction traffic light controller                                                                                                                                        View more...

If you have observed very closely, you would notice that each of these project topics points to a system and systems consist of connections; the connection of systems results to network or networking systems so to say. Meanwhile, your computer networking project topic will be incomplete or may not make a lot of sense if it does not sound like it’s going to solve a problem.

Also remember that networking systems wouldn’t work practically if there is no connection, switch, nodes, Wi-Fi, wires, cables, routers and other networking channels.  

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