For a fashion conscious person, a bad hair day is inevitable . Bad hair days can be upsetting and can rock confidence . Bad hair days can stem from hairstyle gone wrong or rough hair that looks unkempt and untidy . There are many ways to disguise this problem and still emerge beautiful and classy .
Headscarves are trending , wear it turban style or with a big bow just above the forehead and still look chic and classy .
Wigs are a must - have for women . It is a remedy for hair emergencies . Simply tuck hair in or plait for a better fit .
Make -up
Dramatic make-up helps to draw attention away from bad hair. Add a little bit of make-up using brighter colours to disguise what ’ s going on above .
Style and braid two plaits like a ponytail with your natural hair.
Oil and moisturise hair to make it look like its just been fixed . The important thing is to always maintain confidence and poise always.

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