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www.waptrick.com is one of the most popular mobile sites for mobile application. With millions of mobile apps. It’s not just a site for mobile apps only. It has other services like song lyrics, horoscope, etc.

What’s available on waptrick.com portal?

Waptrick.com is the official URL to the mobile portal just for mobile files. like application, mp3 music download, funny videos animations, mp4 video download and millions of wallpaper for mobile phones.

You can also have access to a chat room for a live chat all for free and lot more. visiting www.waptrick.com gives you full access to all the files that are available on this portal. You won’t need a user ID or a password to log in.

Downloading of any electronic file from waptrick.com cost no fee. This is a wap site that is been visited by mobile users. The most visited category in this wap site is waptrick mp3 content. Millions of users from all over the globe are logged on to this site in other to download their favorite waptrick mp3.

www.waptrick.com login page

To access the mobile portal you don’t need to sign in or login all you need is the url. login information are not needed this is an open hub where everyone is logged in.

Enter the url on your browser. The next page you see is the home page here you we see the date of the last update and list of category like.

  • Videos.
  • Download Films, Music Videos, Video Clips.
  • Photos & Picture.
  • Thousands of backgrounds, wallpapers, photos.
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Free applications.
  • Animations.
  • Funny animated images.
  • Sound Effects.
  • Funny sounds, free sound FX library.
  • These files are available for free downloads. But lots of people don’t get to known more about this portal and it free download features.

waptrick.com Mp3 Music downloads

This is an awesome wap site that has all-round digital media files. If you are looking for a wap site that supports Mp3 download for mobile. www.waptrick.com is a reliable portal for Mp3 music download.

Where you can download both Mp3 format and Mp4 which is a musical video of the mp3 songs.

They are also available in sizes as they are already converted to suit your mobile device. You can get any mp3 music on waptrick.com.

How to Download waptrick Mp3

You need a web browser. Lunch any web browser on your device be it a mobile device or Pc.

  • Enter the url as waptrick.com in the url feed on your web browser.
  • Navigate to waptrick mp3 icon to see various waptrick mp3 categories click on it.
  • This is the page where you have all music both in Mp3 format
  • You can select from the list of category. But you have to take note of various categories.
  • Click on any category of your interest to get all the Mp3 music on that category with name artist name.
  • Select any of them to go the download page.
  • This is where you get to see various file size in terms of quality such as standard quality, low quality, and best quality
  • Click on any quality size to start download

waptrick.com Downloads
For java game download for mobile visit this portal and download for free. If you are new to this site you don’t have to sign up to access mobile apps or video and music.

I love games a lot and the videos on this wap site. My friends use to download lots of mobile themes wallpaper that make their phone look more like the Symbian phone.

The mobile portal for games really helps us a lot. It was the building block for a smartphone. It is a site where files and mobile apps, wallpaper, movies are been share for free.

You can access waptrick mobile version or the desktop version of the site. this is a responsive portal that is compatible on all web browsers.

waptrick.com Other Services

  • Waptrick song lyrics
  • Waptrick horoscope
  • Waptrick kickwap.com

This is also part of the service offered by this site. Apart from the kickwap.com service that is focused on spots. This is all about live scores on various spots.

You have to select which of the spots you want to get live results on. this live result service is outside the in-house services by waptrick.com.

song lyrics

The waptrick song lyrics  give you a list of all your favorite mp3 song lyrics starting from A, B, C, D to Z. You can get the lyrics by clicking on the first letter of the song and it give you a list of songs with that letter. You can also get mp3 and lyrics of songs for free on waptrick.com.

waptrick Horoscope

What’s  horoscope as we all know what the word horoscopes is most people see it as a good way to start a day is by reading the horoscope.

You can find out what the stars hold for you today with horoscopes read your free horoscopes on www.waptrick.com with horoscope you can start a better day knowing it’s not your last.


kickwap.com is a waptrick service that gives you live score, on Soccer, Rugby, and Cricket. It gives you latest soccer news rugby fixtures result and tables cricket teams headline and score all from kickwap.com.

You can also design your favorite jersey wallpaper with kickwap.com. I really love to visit this portal a lot as

You can also design your favorite jersey wallpaper with kickwap.com. I really love to visit this portal a lot as i cloud not

I really love to visit this portal a lot as i cloud not fine out time to watch my favorite sport.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are been built by developers around the globe. These apps are available for mobile users in other to improve the functionality of their mobile phone.

Such as calculator, torch just to name a few. There is also social media app that gives users easy access to their social media page. On www.waptrick.com portal download of application is free.

A user can easily download an app from this portal at no cost. When you visit the App section of this wap site.

All you need to do is enter the URL to the site on your phone or desktop browser and select the category of your choice. you can now browse for mp3 music, mobile apps, wallpaper, 3gp videos, full mp4 movies, android games and lot more as this wap site still remain the best site for mobile file.

waptrick Sub Domains

this are list of domain that we also link back to this great mobile wap site. Some have the same content but different interface. this is based on a country.

See list:

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