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The things bringing down men are fairly easy to pinpoint, though incredibly difficult to fix: widespread addiction to pornography and other vices, a dearth of male authority figures, and a consequent lack of faith.

After so much bogus psychologizing, commentators and scholars are finally taking the pornography problem seriously (the ridiculous eulogizing of Hugh Hefner notwithstanding). 

Besides the horrible exploitation of the women involved, pornography essentially neuters male audiences; it kills their inner drive, not just in sex, but all aspects of life. Men addicted to porn, like men addicted to drugs or alcohol, have little motivation to do more and achieve.

For this reason, many men hardly bother with asking women out. Usually, they will make pathetic excuses for themselves and wait for some beautiful (and usually intoxicated) woman to sleep with them for a night. And if the hookup ideal does not pan out, these men—or more properly, man-children—can always comfort themselves with fake women on the screen and videogames.

The porn addiction would not take such a strong hold without the great loss of fathers and father-figures laying the groundwork. Living with households where the father is marginalized or absent and attending schools with few male teachers, boys have no one to teach them about their masculinity.

To no one’s surprise, boys have a different nature than girls—one that is generally more vigorous, more aggressive, more honor-seeking, and less sensitive and patient—and they desperately need this guidance.

Only male role models can help with channeling this nature towards constructive ends rather than destructive ones.

They can empathize with the growing man and instill virtue in a way that even the best woman cannot. The mother’s failure to empathize will frequently turn her advice and direction into harping and nagging. She can plead with her sons to achieve and not waste time on videogames, but as the trends show, most boys choose not to listen because their mothers just don’t understand. A father, however, does understand and has the capacity to motivate his son to do more.

Finally, without a father and burdened with so many bad habits, most men have given up on going to church. As a result, most men never hear such common advice (obnoxiously dubbed, “life-hacks”) like working hard, staying pure, and loving others. For the un-churched male, happiness is a feeling, meaning is something he creates, and everyone else is to blame for his failure.


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Friend I can agree with you but not in everything there is a some moments with which I don't completely agree . I think that just everything needs a measure. Watching porn and masturbating is a kind of "workout" or relaxation and rapid stress relief. we do not live in a time when you need to reach some heights in career and business we already have everything we need for comfortable life but we live in a very aggressive environment of the modern city where our main enemy is stress and everyone is looking for a way to remove it, even a little unusual but most importantly effective. Someone is a supporter of classic porn someone not so for example Black Shemale. Everyone has different preferences but everyone is looking for one, stress relief both normal and sexual. Yes maybe it lowers their self esteem and impairs discipline I agree with you here but it's the price of a modern lifestyle.


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