Video: Yet Another Underground Ritualists Den Exposed At Ile Zik Close To Computer Village Ikeja, in Lagos, 5 Ritualists Were Arrested, Angry Mob Nearly Burnt 1 Alive

 By Eric Patrick,

Breaking News: Yet Another Underground Ritualist Den Also Located In Lagos But This Time At Ile Zik Bus Stop, Ikeja Was  Exposed, The Ritualist Was Almost Burnt To Death, The Den Was Disguised Like A Dustbin and The Ritualists Have Similar Mode Of Operation as they usually Come out late at night or early in the Morning then kidnap their victims And Drag them inside the Underground Cell -

According to, One of the ritualist grabbed a woman who screamed at the top of her voice.. Which then attracted the attention of a street sweeper, early this morning.

The sweeper alerted a few passersby who came for help and discovered the den. One of the suspected ritualist was caught and burnt alive and it was discovered that the place was filled with human remains.

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