I currently have two units of used portakabin for sale in Lagos Nigeria.


If you're interested in buying used portakabin, simply contact me and we will discuss price.


NOTE: I also sell custom built portakabins in Lagos Nigeria and deliver to customers all over Nigeria. So, if you wish to buy brand new portakabin anywhere in Nigeria, just contact me using the numbers below.




I know you're wondering, why would anyone in her right senses want to buy used portakabin when she can buy a brand new one?


Well, it's for the same reason that people buy fairly used cars instead of buying brand new cars. And the reason is . . . cost.


For example, one of the fairly used portakabin I have is going for 980,000 Naira whereas a brand new one of the same size will go for about 2.6 million Naira. So, you save over 1.5 million Naira in this case when you buy used portakabin.


Nevertheless, brand new portakabins have very distinct advantages over used portakabin. And since we build new portakabins to your specification, you have the option to make it look exactly the way you want it.


However, your choice is often a question of the size of your pocket or budget.


Bottom line.


Contact me if you want to buy portakabins, whether used portakabin or brand new portakabins.


My numbers are: 08033290430, 07086459367

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What can they be used for?

Hi Charles


Portakabins are movable houses often used for office buildings, clinics, kiosk, telecom sheds, construction site accommodation etc.


There are two big advantages with using portakabins for accommodation:


1. It's movable. You can relocate it to anywhere you wish any time


2. It's quick factory built accommodation. You can get a custom built portakabin within 2 weeks.


Portakabins are made of prefab building materials. Houses built with this kind of material are called prefab buildings or prefabricated homes.


You can see pictures of sample portakabins at . . .




A complete building built from prefab building materials can be completed within 2-4 weeks compared to 3 months for a regular building.



Nice Post........


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