University Admission! Turkish University Admission with no aptitude test!!!!

University Program Information:

The Universities in Turkey and Cyprus offer many undergraduate and master’s degree programs including PhD studies. program takes average of four years to complete, Masters Degree program takes 2 years to complete while PhD programme takes average of two years to complete.
Program of studies include Business Mgt., Marketing, Economics, Information system technology, Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning and development, Banking and Finance, MBA, International Relation, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Chemistry, Physics, TV and Radio Media Studies, Education, Law , Health Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine e.t.c.

Requirement for admission:

Requirement for undergraduate admission include WAEC OR NACO RESULTS including BIRTH CERTIFICATE from 1989 and upward, CV with postal address, Email and Phone number.
Requirement for Masters Degree program include copy of results and transcripts from First year to final year and CV with postal address, Email and Phone number. No Age requirement for Masters Degree program.
The University also accept transfer students from another University

The above information will be given to the University by our AGENCY then after admission from the University; the University will send the admission letter to the student’s given postal address directly.

Tuition Fees, Student Finance and 50% Scholarship:

Tuition fees for both and Masters Degree are almost the same! The tuition fees for Business studies is $3,600, the Tuition fees for all the engineering program is $4,200, the Tuition fees for Medical program and Pharmacy is around $4,900.

The University offers scholarship programme of up to 50% off your tuition fees, if you receive the 50% off your tuition fees that means, your new tuition fees will then be around $2,100 which is very good. All tuition fees is paid directly into the university bank account by the student after receiving admission letter by post from the school

Please before you apply, ensure that you have spoken with your sponsor and your parents to get their approval as this will save our agency time as we do not want to waste the Agency time by after helping the students to get admission from the University, at the end, the student will abandon his/her admission including the 50% scholarship awarded to the student because the student does not have anyone to finance his travel for studies

Working While Studying:

Students can work part-time while at the same time studying, the University is so big, students can work within the University or out-side the University. There are quite many companies were the student can find part-time job, the University also help the student to find the company that they can do their paid internship program and upon graduation, the student can work at the same company that they did their internship program!

Student Visa:

After the student have received his/her admission letter directly from the University, the University will then require the students to complete his tuition fees payment directly into the University bank account given to the students by the school, as soon as the University receive the students tuition fees payment of which can be made by instalment as well, the University will send to the student confirmation of payment, the student will then travel to Abuja and receive his Visa directly from the Embassy

We the agency is providing this service for free to all students that wish to apply as we have a written agreement with the University, For Free admission services for B.SC program, Please Email a Copy of your WAEC or NACO results, with birth certificate, CV and your prefer program of study or copy of your results and transcripts for Masters Degree studies and CV to :

Regina Agency Services
45 Cameroun Road, Aba
Abia State, Nigeria

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